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sick and tired

Ok I am sick of IBS I am sick of bi polar and I am sick of this thyroid $***t. i have been miserable ever since I got home form Kansas.i am sleepy all the time.I am loosing my teeth adn i am jsut miserable. Ok I am done.
Love Venora
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It's ok .. we are here for you .... you don't have to be done venting .... you vent here all you want!!!!!

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Next time you go to Toto-land, take your meds with you. ;)

Hope you're feeling better soon.
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I think it was Kansas. i feel so much better here in Oklahoma.LOL Plus my moms guset bed is awful and the worst part is that we gave her the mattress.hahaha. I am feeling a little better this afternoon but i am going to take a nap when I get home.
Love venora
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I'm right in there with you!  I'm sick of the whole danged mess and now the gyno problems and to top it off I have a sinus infection and pneumonia AGAIN!!!!  They said this would stop when I quit smoking.  Guess they were wrong.

Maybe it was just Kansas that did it to you.  All that flat land and no trees!  LOL  Good to get to spend time with your mom, though.

Hang in there, Venora, I keep telling myself it has to get better!

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Have you tried the Wellness Coaching forum Wanda Ropa, MS

October is breast cancer awareness
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