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thyroid disorder in pregnancy

Thyroid profile (Total  by CLIA) of a pregnant woman
                            TSH(0.35 - 5.50 uIU/ml)     T3(0.60 - 1.81ng/ml)    T4(5.60 - 13.70ng/ml)                                      
1st Trimester                 2.44                              1.64                                10.54
2nd trimester                 2.24                              2.00                                 12.80
3rd trimester                  3.38                              2.37                                 11.10
   FREE T3 and T4 in third trimester      
        FREE T3             2.96pg/ml  (2.30 - 4.20)
        FREE T4            0.77 ng/ml  (0.89 - 1.76)
kindly suggest what interventions if required for this patient.
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All I can tell you is, I was born w/out a thyroid gland (the only one in all of my family trees) to have this problem.
My children were born healthy and all their organs in place, including working thyroids.
I don't think hypo or hyper thyroid is inherited.  
If a child is born with or in early stages of infancy begin to show symptoms of thyroid issues (Downe's syndrome/Mongoloid..etc) then don't bother looking up the family tree, get them to a Indocrinologist as soon as possible as it is a timely thing, and if not caught early can bring on problems that can be irreversible. I"m not a Dr. but have been t hrough he** with thyroid issues.
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Hi just had my baby 7 months ago - having hashimoto's and on thyroxine - my endocrinologist adjusted my thyroxine dosage higher during my pregnancy and kept my TSH range between 1-2   I would suggest that you see your Dr and discuss adjustment of your medication - i would ulternate days one day 50umg and the second day 100umg and that worked for me and kept my lewels well within normal range

All the best Good luck with your pregnancy
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