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thyroid ultrasound

I recently had a thyroid ultrasound to evaluate my goiter. Results as follows:
Rt lobe= 6.0x2.0x1.9
Lt lobe= 5.6x1.8x1.3
Inhomogeneous echotexture of thyroid. 1.4cm solid nodule in superior pole right lobe. No abnormalities of flow are seen on color doppler.

My TSH level is 1.36

I am getting a biopsy done soon.The solid nodule concerns me, any inoput would be greatly appreciated.
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my solid nodules turned out to be 100% benign and called adenomas which are overgrowth of thyroid tissue.  Mine FNA'd atypical so out came 1/2 my thyroid in '07

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Doesn't look serious, since there is no abnormalities on the doppler, but still worth an FNA.  Get the biopsy and then you will have more information.
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Thyroid nodules are present in almost 50% of the population.  I would wait and see what the results are from the FNA.  
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