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update on my labs, labs look good but I don't.

Hi all,
Update 3/5/15

Tsh is 1.33
ft4 : 1.56   ( mid high on range)
ft3 : 3.7      ( high on range)

These results and the previous ones I DID NOT take my thyroid meds on the day of the test. 6 weeks ago I dropped the cytomel and increased my levo to 112 mcg.

My labs seem perfect. Maybe the TSH could drop a little lower. I have ZERO improvement of symptoms!

I'm thinking its time to switch to desiccated thyroid meds?  Any body like them more?

My symptoms are painful muscle aches over entire body, blurry eye sight, rash on hands, feet, nose ( comes and goes all year )  but  labs show no inflammation.  
My Iron is ok , same with b12 and Vit D.
I'm on a GF diet for 8 months....
no leaky gut
adrenals are ok.
Positive for MCTD without any key symptoms.

i'll post my previous thread later for those who want to follow my progress.

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What are the actual reference ranges for your FT4 and FT3?  We need to see what they are, so we can actually compare numbers.

I'm not sure why you think it's time to switch to desiccated hormones, with levels like yours.  

You're saying that your iron, B-12 and Vitamin D are "okay"... can give us the numbers?  Just because the results might be within a lab range doesn't mean they are okay, good, or anything... it just means they were within range.  All three of those need to be relatively high within their ranges in order to be sufficient... And - I'd ask if you had an iron panel  or if you're referring to ferritin, which indicates the amount of iron in storage.

You're positive for MCTD without key symptoms; how did you receive that dx if you don't have symptoms?  Do you have one of the other connective tissue disorders?  It would seem that your muscle aches and rash might have more to do with the MCTD than with Hashimoto's, at this point.

I also commented on your other thread...
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I will get the ref. range for the FT3 and FT4, soon. I totally forgot that I used a new lab.

Vit D.
is 55   ref. range. 30-100

306     ref. range. 20- 345

488      ref. range 20-1,100

looks like the Vit D. and b12 could use a bit.

As far as the MCTD dx, I have positive RNP antibodies, and a speckled ANA pattern.

Technically I'm not diagnosed with anything besides Hashimotos. Its confusing, I might not get a diagnoses for a couple years. The antibodies, rash, aches are not enough for a diagnosis. I'll just find a MCTD forum and see if any of them also have Hashi's.

Thanks for your help.

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Will look for the reference ranges for the FT3 and FT4.

Yes, your vitamin D and B-12 could certainly use a boost.  Vitamin D should be at least 60-80 and anything under 500 for vitamin B-12 can cause symptoms.  I have to keep my level right at the top of the range to remain symptom free.  

Be sure to look at "all" medications, when trying to find a cause for any symptoms.  I recently discovered that a blood pressure medication I was taking was causing tiredness, and some other symptoms I had... I stopped taking it and my symptoms went away.   Check drugs.com for side effects of meds - it often tells more than the insert on your meds.

I'm not real familiar with the tests, but from my reading, I think RNP antibodies are considered to be MCTD unless other tests point a different direction.  Both RNP antibodies and speckled ANA are associated with Lupus... has that been ruled out?  I'm interested in this because my daughter has Lupus, but I don't know if she's been tested for Hashimoto's.
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Sorry to hear about your daughter.

Unfortunately I don't know much about Lupus. But she could have hashimotos and subclinical hypothyroidism. Its controversial if patients with normal tsh levels should be treated , but cross that bridge when you get there.

I'm back from a new rheumatologist .

He says no on all AI diseases , but is going to take more blood tests. He thinks the shock to my body from the hashimotos and the stress in my life has caused PTSD. So Im off the the shrink for CBT. I'll get the labs back in a month.

Oh yeah , I've been on Plaquenil for 3 months , sadly no change.
And I switched to Nature throid NDT 3 weeks ago. also no change

Hope one of those will work.


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