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voice loss after surgery

Hi; I just had my thyroid removed after being diagnosed with papillary cancer in the nodules.Surgery was about 12 days ago.I feel fabulous except for the stitches in my neck.The problem is I cannot talk.Inhaling is tricky although my lungs feel good and strong and I have almost no voice.I am hoping it is due to inflammation.Does anyone know how long it takes for this to pass.I really need my voice for work.
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Hi friend, sorry to read your experiencing voice loss.  I suggest you consult, with physician, endo or surgeon clinic

After my TT I had no complications at all with my voice, was able to talk immediately after surgery, nor any complications with stitches.  Stitches disappeared approx 5-7 day's.  Other then adjusting homrone, surgery was a success.  Wishing you well.  
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Thanks for responding
Today my voice is a tiny bit better but still very strained.(trying to yell at my teen probably didn't help)
The stitches are probably in this long because my Doctor went on holidays so I think they are probably in a week longer than necessary.
How about breathing.I am so short of breath.My lungs feel like they are filling up with air but the effort to deeply inhale feels like asthma or like when I am around cats.I am going for a follow up in a week and to have stitches out.
Thanks Again.
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