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what next to test?

Hi everyone!
               I'm female although I think my profile says male. dunno. First post and I'll try not to go on too much as I have a tendency to do when it comes to my health. First this all started about 2 years ago or maybe a little longer - the symptoms of hypothyroidism i.e poor memory, depression, dry skin,  dry hair, slowed speech, feeling cold etc. It was a bit of a journey but finally I got diagnosed as hypothryroid about 8 months ago. It was also discovered that my folate, hemoglobin and Vitamin D were very low. I'm taking iron/folate tablets as well as vitamin D and it's all getting better but I still don't feel quite right and my hair is still dry.
               Anyways, back to the thyroid - I think that it was really only my T3 that was low, and I don't have most of the labs. I only have my last lab. I'm from the Caribbean and I'm not if the ranges are the same as in the US/UK but I put them in brackets just in case they're not:  T3 1.47 (1.30-2.60), T4 11.8 (9.0-19.0), TSH 2.52 (0.32-5.00).
            Ok, as I said before I don't think everything is quite right, so I'm wondering if to ask for the medication (Cytomel- T3) to be upped. Should I ask for other vitamins/ minerals to be tested? I was thinking about magnesium but I was reading somewhere that the blood tests for this might not be accurate because the body will always make sure it has enough in the blood and will even leech it from the bones....read it somewhere on the net, don't know if it's true. I was also wondering if to have my cortisol levels tested because I went through a stressful period right before my thyroid starting giving me problems. And one last thing I am considering testing are my sex hormones but I'm wondering when is the best time/day during my cycle to go and get those done.
        I feel a little lost. So I recently started going to a naturopath who has been giving me various herbs, drops to help. I know it is probably not a good idea...I am so lost.
     I appreciate any feedback.
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oh my cytomel dose is small, only 5mcg
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First off, male is the default gender; you can change it, by going back to your profile page and clicking on female.

Now to the thyroid.... were those T3 and T4 tests for Free T3 and Free T4 or were they Total T3 and Total T4?  Typically, if not specified on the lab report, they are Totals and are not really very useful.  You need the Free T3 and Free T4.  Please clarify that.

Is cytomel the only med you're on?  It's very rare for someone to be prescribed a T3 only med by itself.

What was the exact level of your vitamin D?  Vitamin D deficiency can cause some hypo-like symptoms.  

You could also ask for a ferritin test.  Ferritin test.  Ferritin is the iron storage hormone and indicates whether you have adequate iron stores.  Iron is necessary for the production/metabolism of thyroid hormones.

One other you can ask for, though you don't seem to have symptoms of deficiency is Vitamin B-12.  The first, most common symptom of B-12 deficiency is fatigue. It's an "absolute must" need to sleep, that sleep doesn't satisfy.

If you haven't been tested for thyroid antibodies to determine whether or not you have Hashimoto's, you should get those tests.  They are Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies (TPOab) and Thyroglobulin Antibodies (TGab).  You need them both, because some of have one or the other, some have them both.

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Thanks very much for your reply.
       I don't think there was anything specified on the labs but to tell you the truth I'm really not sure. I got her to write down the results of the last lab. She's not big on patient research and doesn't see the value in me having the figures. Maybe I should insist.
      And yes I'm only on Cytomel (5 mcg), that it. My D level was 13. Oh and I forgot that I had my B-12 done and it came back normal and  so did the thyroid antibody tests.
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What was the exact level of your vitamin B12 result?  

Do you mind telling me where you're located?
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Oh, I'm from Trinidad. I don't have the exact number of the B12 result. I was just told that it is normal.
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'not too high but not too low' were the exact words
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sigh, sorry once again I don't have exact figures. I know you're only trying to help. thanku
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