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Interesting Case Of Hashimotos

Name: XXXX
Age: 22
Sex: Female
Family history of Thyroid Diseases present.
Initially doubt about thyroid functioning came up because of hair loss.
Initial lab results:
TSH: 5.18
T3: 1.38
T4: 10.56
Vitmin D : 3.38
TPO : 108.40
anti Thyroglobulin: 104.7

2nd lab results:(on homeopathic treatment)
TSH: 6.18

3rd lab result : (on homeopathic treatment)
TSH: 4.14
T3: 1.2
T4: 8.68

My question is can homeopathy cure hashimotos? Does these lab reports suggest good prognosis? How can homeopathy reduce auto immune antibody? Can somebody explain mechanism? But third results show decline in T3 and T4 (gradual thyroid failure) but how is TSH in range?

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What do you mean by homeopathy?  Do you mean something diluted with water down to nothing? That's a big no.  If you mean something else, I'd have to know what.  Honestly though, replacement hormones are what are used to treat thyroid disorders.  Things like diet and exercise and proper sleep might help, but it's not a treatment.
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Hashimoto's has natural fluctuation. It'll change on its own even if you do nothing.  Not proof of the "homeopathy" having any effect at all.
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Another question, why would hair loss make a thyroid disorder less likely?  You do know that Hashi's involves both hypo and hyper thyroid, right? Are you a doctor?
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