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Are my movements OCD compulsions, Tourette's tics, or possibly ASD related?

I've known I have OCD for a while, and I've had OCD since childhood. I also might possibly be on the autism spectrum, so these problems might be associated with sensory problems related to ASD but I doubt it, though I might be wrong.

Mostly, I associate my OCD (especially starting from ~12) more with intrusive thoughts and mostly internal compulsions, for ex. sometimes I have what could be considered "pure-O" OCD where I have obsessions/intrusive thoughts and I have to tell myself certain things to "assure" it won't happen, which are the mental compulsions. As a kid, and only a little bit now, I had to touch things with both sides of my body to make it even.

I also have these movements I do, and have also done all my life, that I can't tell if they're compulsions or tics. I recently was reading about Tourette's syndrome and I felt like it described the movements better than OCD,, at first, but now I'm not 100% sure. I'm only 18, and I've been making those movements since I was a child, maybe about 6-7, and it was a little worse around 12-13. What makes them different from my compulsions are that normally I want to make them because my body just feels physically uncomfortable when I don't, almost like my body is tingling but it's not. It just feels weird. My movements have become pretty complex, because normally what I end up doing is twisting my head semi-quickly to the left and then back, while exhaling out of the left side of my mouth and almost spitting and/or huffing out of my nose and rubbing my nose, and furrowing my eyebrows and grimacing, and twisting my left ankle to the right back and forth too while curling my toes. Sometimes I do these on the other sides of my body; I used to do them more on the right but I guess they've changed a little bit and shifted to the left/both sides. Sometimes I do the individual movements too, but normally I do them all at once. I also do this thing where I squint/grimace on one side of my face and alternate between both sides of my face, which I used to do as a child around 8-10 but I'm starting to do again now. My biggest one that hasn't changed over the years has been this complex arm movement and I don't know where it came from, but I basically bend my wrists really tight and shake my arms a certain way. I also used to have one where I would do a kinda throat clearing movement but it was like holding my throat down until it made a noise, it was almost like trying to make a low note, but my vocal cords weren't involved.

What all of these movements have in common, minus the squinting, is that I feel like I'm miming shaking something off. I do have some similar OCD things with breathing, such as that I have to inhale while looking at good things and exhale while looking at bad things, and I think those might've leaked into those movements. When I was a kid, I would do the squinting and hand movements alone because I felt like I just needed to do it so my body would stop feeling weird, but I reasoned it as bad energy affecting my body (I guess I was a kid with an active imagination)  so I ended up "shaking it off" and now I think the huffing/breathing out thing has become one of these "tics" too, especially since I kind of mime blowing my nose and I have heard of things like that becoming tics in people with Tourette's. I also suspect the huffing might be me huffing out the bad energy I talk about.

All my symptoms have been fairly consistent throughout my life; though the movements that I suspect might be tics and my OCD have become milder and more sever occasionally, I've always had them. The movements are not involuntary, but I do get an urge to do them + localized discomfort when I don't do them (e.g. my face feels weird if I don't squint, my wrists feel weird if I don't move my arms). My most constant one is the one where I huff, which I'm doing as I write every few seconds almost nonstop. I think my symptoms get worse when I think about it or when I'm not distracted doing something else. Sometimes I try to incorporate the movements into my regular movements to make them less obvious, but sometimes I have to stop walking to do them. I try to minimize them the best I can, though.

The last thing I want to clarify is that none of these resemble muscular spasms too much, they're all just urges I get to move my body in specific ways that I act on.

I don't know if, if these are tics, I qualify for a Tourette's diagnosis, becuase I do not have any vocal ones. I have read that breathing tics qualify for vocal tics, but I'm not sure. If the throat one or the huffing one count as vocal tics, I could, but, again, I'm not 100% sure if these are tics or not, but I really suspect they are. Other possibly useful information is that I have chronic depression, executive function problems, slow speech processing speed, hard time focusing on things for a long time if they don't particularly interest me, hyperfixation/special interest/obsession tendencies (don't let go of a topic and go on looong tangents when I talk where I don't let people give their input, which I'm trying to improve, though it's difficult), and severe/ever improving social anxiety since childhood. I'm also very impatient and stubborn, according to a lot of people, but I don't know if those are from any kind of disorder or if they're just my personality.
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