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Ciprlex increased my tics

I have been diagnosed with ocd ever since I was a child. 6 years ago I found out I have Tourette's syndrome. I've seen a couple of good doctors but refuse to take any medication. My tics are being worse both vocal and motor tics and my Obssesvie thoughts won't stop. i can hear voice in my head saying and wishing that someone I love will get hurt, and then just to prevent this from happening I do the weirdest tics vocally and phiscially. In the middle of the night I would  wake up randomly and the thoughts will automatically come and I have to stand up while sleeping and do a tic. I have started ciprlex 10mg, the first month was great but then my tics increased so fast. Should I stop ciprlex? Any suggestions? How can inatop those thoughts, they are killing me

Thank you
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Wow i had a very similar experience! Iv had ocd and tic syndrome for years. I took Ciperlax 10mg for one week and had a lot of side affects. I would wake up at night and start flapping my hands and standing up. It felt a little diference from my other moter tics and found something called "stimming" which is a little diferent then tics but anyways i stoped the medication after consulting with my doctor but my tics have only increased since then.
I would advise you to consult with the doctor that medicated you there are other ssri medications that you can try.
Good luck!!!
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That was posted ages ago! I hope you worked things out!
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