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Is it possible that I have Tourette syndrome?

I’ve started having tics in may 2021, I was 13 then. Now it’s been almost a year, I’m 14 and there still hasn’t been a single day without them. They often are embarrassing and painful. I’ve done some research and I might have Tourette’s syndrome, I’m not sure though. I don’t remember having tics when I was smaller it only started when I was 13. Is it possible that I could have Tourette’s?
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Hi there! I am not certified in anything, this is just my own research and experience.

In order to be diagnosed with tourettes, you must have vocal and motor tics. At least one vocal and at least 2 motor.  Motor tics can be anything from tiny twitches in the face to a full on arm throw. Vocal tics can also be anything from simply clearing your throat or yelling something out, or making noises. (correct me if im wrong).  Now although you can Google stuff and go on to approved government websites and try to figure it out, you cannot have an official diagnosis unless you go to a doctor. There are also different tic disorders, other than tourettes. My suggestion would be to ask your parents to set up a doctor's appointment and tell them that you would like to ask the doctor what's going on, even if you aren't concerned about it.

I myself am 16 and I have had tics since I was in 4th grade, (so nine), and I have had them ever since so I've had them for almost 7 years now. When my parents 1st noticed they took me to the doctor and my doctor said that it was provisional tic disorder (PTD) but that can only last for up to 12 months,  I have only just figured this out within the past 5 months, and so because I have had mine for almost 7 years now, I have asked my mom to set up a appointment with the doctor to get a proper diagnosis.

The majority of my tics are just movements in my face or kind of scrunching up my body or rolling my shoulders. The majority of my tics are motor (physical). I don't have as many vocal tics, but  I do have one that seems to be pretty consistent, which is just me clearing my throat. When my parents 1st started noticing, I made this squeaking noise, and so your tics can change over time as well.

Kind of as a brief summary, I would suggest looking at government approved websites and also asking your parents about it or asking anybody in your family that might have might have medical certification. But, please go to your doctor if you would like an official diagnosis.

***Again I am not certified in anything, and also sorry if there are any words that seem out of place, my autocorrect is kinda weird sometimes
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