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Looking for natural remedies for child tics


I found this site today when searching google for natural remedies for treating Tourette Syndrome and tic disorders in children.

About a year ago my daughter began blinking excessively, we took her to be tested for glasses and she had perfect vision. A few months later the blinking subsided and sniffing began, the sniffing was accompanied with throat clearing. I tried over the counter allergy meds thinking hay fever was the culprit but it continued well into the winter. We went to visit the Pediatrician right before Christmas, who diagnosed her as having 'severe allergies' as well as possibly asthma. $120 worth of allergy meds and a month later, it wasn't working. Over the school Christmas break, my daughter went to visit my mother in law out of town, and when she returned my mother in law insisted that I take her to the emergency room, for she thought she was having a seizure due to excessive movement. We went back last week to visit the Ped. who gave the green light on a referral to the only pediatric neurologist in the state. We can't get in until June. So with no official diagnosis and 5 months until we know anything further, I am at a loss on how to help her. She has returned to school, and I've spoken with her teacher and school nurse about the tics and that we were looking into them. Teachers and peers in school, dance class as well as friends are noticing now.

I want to find a natural way to help her. I've done enough research lately to know the neurologist will want to prescribe medication (stimulants/antidepressants/etc) but under no circumstances will I put anything like that into my child. We just started doing yoga together in the evenings as an effort to help her calm her mind before bed, but I am hoping others know of other remedies, specific exercises, foods to avoid, perhaps natural supplements safe for children?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Hello there, please check out my thread at "Tourette's Cure - Worked for Me."
I went the whole drug route, for years, and it was harsh.
I can't imagine putting a child on it.

Of course, given your daughter is a child, I am not sure the appliance will work/be good for her, because she is still developing.

For me, it has worked wonders, as long as I wear it, at least, every night while I sleep.
Go to that thread, and you'll find the links and academic papers that were put forward on this issue.

Take care, hope it help
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how do I get the information about "worked wonders for you
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I believe the person who posted about the "cure" has left the site. The person has not posted since 2013...which I believe means that he was banned for spamming?

As far as my family can tell, there is no magic cure. If there was, my brother and sons would be using it by now.
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