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Tourettes and Binge drinking or compulsion problems?

hi everyone,

i am a 22 year odl guy who has been dealing with multiple tics since i have been 6 years old, i struggle with bad neck and jaw cracking tics along with nose grunting and blinking. I have always tried everything except for medication to help, but not much has changed. \

My question is, lately i have been thinking about my brain quite alot and i have always had a problem when i drink there is something missing in my mind that tells me to stop. when i drink i am never aware of ow drunk i am and once i start i cannot stop, i just want to know if anyone else has these problems, because i have tried to just have a few, but it doesnt work. Its like something in my mind cant stop, its the same with food i am i fit healthy guy but if i see some chocolate in the fridge i try so hard to not eat it ( just like i try and stop my tics) but eventually it is to overwhelming and i have to eat it

i know these seem like silly examples but i just want to know has anyone else made these links?

thanks so much everyone
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