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my child

I am wondering if anyone can help.  My son is 10 years old but he acts like he 5. We hae three under younger children so I can really notice the difference.  Over the past year and a half my son has been making sudden outbursts of noises that he says he can not control or is not aware that he is making.  He also makes little jerking movements with his body.  I am wondering if anyone may have had experience with this.  He was born a bit early and has alwas had a slight delay in development but these noises are starting to get worse and worse.
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Just want you to know that this sounds like it could be Tourette. What do the doctor's say? Involuntary movements, like "tics", and repeating sounds, offensive language are all symptoms of Tourette. If it is, things could get much worse, so I strongly advise you to seek medical help. I would probably suggest a Child Psychiatrist who is knowledgeable about this disease. It is genetic, from my knowledge. Feel free to Private Message me any time and I really hope that you seek some help in diagnosing your son. Please don't hesitate to do this.
Hugs and prayers for you and yours son.
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How did these symptoms work out for your son? I find myself seeing some of the same with my daughter now. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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In my experience, to get rid of tics/tourettes, changes in food style will yield good results.
My daughter had the same issue and now she is free from these jerk movements, vocal tics….
She eats soaked nuts(Almond/walnuts) first thing in the morning to help nerve function.
Completely avoided sugar.  Added millets especially foxtail millet to her food to support nervous system health.  Also she takes centella asiatica powder mixed along with milk at night to improve the cognitive skills.
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