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Not a question but facts for both of my sons liver transplants.

My oldest son is 32 in July 2018. He was transplanted 30 years ago with the wrong blood type( He is a O with an A Liver) He has been off all medications since he was 17 years old, so for 13 years. My youngest son who is 28 was transplanted 26 years ago. He got large B-Cell Lymphoma at age 7 from his cyclosporine. He went through CHOP chemotherapy and has been on NO IMMO DRUGS and takes nothing for rejection for over 21 years. They both are the 3rd & 4th oldest living with their disease in the world.. hereditary tyrosinemia type I.. DONT PUT UP EXPIRATION ON LIVER TRANSPLANTS.. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT AND MY SONS ARE AN EXAMPLE TO THAT.
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