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After Car accident Scalp sore

i had a auto accident about 15 days ago.  it was single accident that hit the tree in the median.  I had laceration on forehead and a couple of fractures on my face.  ED said they did CT SCAN and X-rays on several parts of my body and nothing else was fractured.  2-3 days after I was discharge from hospital, I was getting this heavy soreness on my head.  Some reason, my right side of body is injured more than left side and even my head is sore only right side.  I can't brush my hair, i can't barely touch my right side of scalp because of this tenderness and soreness.  Its feels like you had a pony tail for so long and you let go, you have this sore and tender feelings of your head/scalp but much more in pain.  also, if I lay down it feels like the terderness/soreness is spreading down to my neck, so having a difficulties sleeping at night time.  I just did MRI on c-spine on my neck and waiting for the doctor's call.  Its very scary because the pain doesn't seems to go away for 2 weeks and hopefully nothing serious and tenderness of my scalp is just the bruise type of thing after the accident and it goes away eventually.  

please someone help me!!!
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