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Car accident and Mild TBI...Crying all the time?

I had a auto accident, w/ memory loss. My doc said just said I have a Mild TBI and congnitive therapy would maybe help. It was 1 months ago, and did I end up w/ a neck back injury. I was very athletic prior and I am deeply depressed, I just started take anti-depressants a month ago. But, the crying thing has been since day one. I can't seem to control it any way. My neuro and docs just kinda waived it of has a post concussion syndrome,depression or PTSD. I do suffer badly from ptsd. I don't understand it's not like I'm sitting alone crying(although I do that too) It is like, I'' be talking and just start crying. I have no control over my emotions??? Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Is this the right board for this question? I can''t get in to see a therapist till March, I know I should have done that sooner.....I'm even thinking about hypnosis? I hate my life right now. I avoid people because of feeling this way.
Hoping someone has some answers or insight.
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**correction I meant it was 11 months ago.
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I had a mild TBI and suffering from Post Concussion Syndrome for the past 2 and a half years.  Regular doctors/neurologists won't be of much help.  go to some one who is trained in mTBI or consult a Neuropsychologist.  There are therapies like Cognitive Behavioural therapy which can help helpful.  With right doctor/therapy you can get plenty of help.
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Sorry to hear about your troubles. I'm also recovering from a mTBI that I suffered 7 months ago. I've been diagnosed with Post-Concussion Syndrome. I can't really remember much about the past 7 months, it's really been a blur but I know towards the beginning of my recovery I was an emotional mess. It seems to be the complete opposite now. Not much can really make me cry anymore.

We're kind of in the same boat as far as looking for answers and getting help. I have a psychiatrist that I see, but really all he does is prescribe my medicine and nothing more. I went to see a psychologist that has little to no experience with TBI's for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy...it was a disaster. I couldn't even keep up with what he was saying (my brain couldn't process fast enough), I was overwhelmed and then he just kinda stared at me, waiting for me to talk...but nothing came out.

SamPCS made a good point - find a neuropsychologist and a neurologist that specializes in TBI. I've found that regular psych's and neurologists don't really have much to say. I'm in the process of doing this myself.

I know you've heard this a million times, but it will get better with time. Just live for today as you can't do anything how your feeling now. Accept how you feel now and make note of any improvements.
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Hey thirdeye33.
I'm a "successful"survivor of 2 horrific near fatal car accidents, both involving multiple injuries including head trauma and the second one with PTSD. My mental,physical and emotional health has never been better!
I made it a "life or death" challenge the same as I did for my undiagnosed
Psychosomatic condition. All well behind me now, since many years.
Yes, I urge you to find a Hypnotherapist asap!
As a Holistic Practitioner- Reiki,NLP,
Energy Psychotherapy,Hypnotherapy-,
I know that Hypnotherapy is one of the most efficient therapies to deal with PTSD!
My suggestion is to find a Hypnotherapist with a good reputation and attend the first consultation,which is usually free. Follow your vibes, and if your vibes are positive, then book a bundle of 5-6 sessions.
Usually you get a free session or a better price when booking multiple sessions.
The main issue is  the physical and emotional trauma from your accident. This is registered in your subconscious and through Hypnotherapy once the s/c is accessed, the information held in it as a belief, memory or emotion, can be erased, altered or reprogrammed with one that serves you better.
Another great aspect of Hypnotherapy is that you will learn Self-Hypnosis.
Once you master Self-Hypnosis, the Sky is the Limit in what you are able to do. It allows you to empower yourself with new positive beliefs and habits in any area of your life!
It is NOT true that this takes long time. It is an absolute Myth that people have to go for CBT for years in order to experience improvement
Nothing against Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists, they are doing
as they were trained to do. It is as simple as it sounds.
There are a lot of doctors who choose Hypnotherapy ( they don't have the luxury of time  with conventional Therapy)
I personally guarantee results in writing! Worse case scenario is that a client did not follow through,did not attend the suggested number of sessions, the presence of severe physical/neurological damage beyond possible hope of improvement (usually self-evident) or the least likely possibility: having to repeat a session or two!
There are some people who expect instant results. No, there are no silver bullets here. It might work for something simple in one session, however for deeper and serious issues, it takes a few sessions to reach the core of the matter and also to neutralize its various aspects.
Another suggestion is meditation, something you can do on your own
or with the help of a meditation CD.
You are THE only person who will ultimately make the difference.
Not your Doctors, not your Therapists.
Drop any guilt, self blame, accept things the way they are, knowing that
you have decided to change this for good.
Seek support from your friends and family-it helps- and go for it!
If you need more details, let me know.
Wishing you well.
Keep us posted!

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I know exactely what you are going through.. and you are not crazy.. You need to tell your Doctor you want Neurophychological testing done..  That will be very clear to them where your deficits are.. Then you need "COGNITIVE REHABILITAION" Not cognitive therapy" there is a difference.. the slightest damage to the brain you will notice!! as it will try too compensate.. Only deal with people who specialize in BRAIN INJURY.. That means doctors and lawyers... Trust me most people don't understand because they can't see it.. But when you talk to someone that is experianced it makes a world of difference.. Always remember this is you as a "person" and because of the tbi part of you was taken.. most people don't see that as you don't have a bandaide or cast they can see.. And if you do have a TBI you will try to hide it from everyone.. hard to make sense of but hopefully in time you will learn to manage.. Never give up.. and believe things sometimes happen for a reason.. Best of luck to you
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I just checked back here....its been awhile. Thank you for all the kind suggestions and help. A Neuropsychologist was exactly what I needed! I've been to neuro, psychologists, etc., but I found this doc and he specializes in brain trauma. I finally got the cat insurance to approve the rest of the testing, the first part I did very poorly. The doc said I had a significant neuro defict. The first round was a lot of memory tests and I was so upset how bad I did. He usually likes to to neurofeedback and Cognitive behave remediation of some sort..still have hrs. of testing left. :( This car accident seems never ending...
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