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Elbow to eye/head

I am a young girl and yesterday at work i was hit in the eye by a larger guy’s elbow. (He was playing around with another guy and was going to punch him and hit me full force on his back swing elbow to my closed eye) i was rocked and off balance for a couple seconds. I continued my serving shift. I woke up with a fuzzy feeling in my eye and a slightly droopy lid and my sight was sensitive to the sunlight when i stepped outside. I went to the clinic this morning and was looked at my eye with a light and did a simple vision test by calling letters off the chart. I went back to work and experienced many short headache pains every 15 minutes or so and felt very sensitive to the loud clangs of dishes hitting each other.  Varying from the area i got hit to the back of my head to the opposite side as well. I felt fine when i was off work and went to get 1 alcoholic beverage. I have felt a slight feeling of nausea not sure if it’s just been a long day or the alcohol and my eyeball does feel sore.  What signs should i look out for for a concussion or is there anything else i should do?
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UPDATE!!!! I think i may suffer from depression and some anxiety but have never officially been diagnosed nor visited a mental health doctor for it. But i was just awoken by what felt like a panic attack. I had a strange night terror that led to me having a panic attack in my dream that awoke me to experience one outside. Could this have been caused by the trauma to the head?
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