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I felt a pop in my head

Last night I had just laid down to go to sleep when I felt something pop in my head. It was so severe that I actually heard it as well as felt it. I laid there waiting for something serious to happen but the only after effect was a warm sensation travelling over my whole body. The pop was on the left side of my head near the top and back. The best way to describe it is like something burst in my brain. (although I'm sure that if it had then I wouldn't be sitting here typing this)
Today I can feel a burning sensation on the inside of my skull in the same place I felt the pop.
I have suffered with daily headaches for several years and have had 2 MRI scans in the last year, both of which came back ok
I have also recently been diagnosed with vestibular dysfunction, which has caused constant dizziness for the past 8 months.
The pop wasn't anywhere near my ear so I don't think the 2 are connected.
Has anyone ever experienced a similar pop before? And does anyone have any idea what this could be.

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Wow, don't ask us, I think you should be checking with a Dr!!!
do you think i would be on here if i havent already seen a doctor the doctors in UK ARE LAZY AND USELESS
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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
The popping sound could be the Eustachian tube clearing up. Often this is taken as a popping sound in head. It can be due to high BP or even due to a pinched nerve. It is difficult to say what it was. Get your BP checked. Also consult the ENT regarding this.
Hope this helps. Take care!
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Hi Emma

It sounds like something I experienced about 6 weeks ago.  
I'm a fitness instructor and in good health but got such a shock when I was just falling asleep and it felt like something burst in my head.  My head was tingling and I couldn't stand (understandably it was shock) I got such a fright.  When I finally stood my knees were knocking but then realised that if I was standing it was nothing bad though everything in my head and neck was tingling like menthol had been spread on it.  Went to the docs just in case and he did a motor test to make sure it wasn't some form of mini-stroke.  Everything was fine.

Believe it or not, this is called Exploding Head Syndrome.  Usually just before or after you drop into a deep sleep - people who are stressed, tired or insomniacs especially.  I'm a night owl.

Check out Exploding Head Syndrome anyway and see if it ties up to what you experienced - hopefully that is all and it's nothing to worry about.

Take care
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What happened to me was more of a pain than a popping sound. It felt like the side of a 25 cent hit the top of my head. Was that BSI or  Eustachian tube clearing up? Both my ears clog then clears up then clogs again.
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Well it's been 2 and a half years since I posted this and I still don't know exactly what caused this but it was most likely an arachnoid granulation popping and expelling csf. Since posting this I was diagnosed with superior canal dehiscence syndrome. Which is a fancy way of saying I have a hole in one of my semicircular canals. The canals help you to balance so when they don't work properly you become very dizzy. I also got diagnosed with cochlear otosclerosis and atypical Menieres. I had surgery to fix the hole in my canal and whilst my surgeon was moving my brain out of the way about half a dozen arachnoid granulations burst and I sprung a leak. He said my dura was very thin. He had to take muscle facia from my skull to fix the holes. Apparently most people have arachnoid granulations and they are the bodies way of expelling cerebral fluid out of your head where it is usually absorbed by the blood stream. So perhaps what I felt was that. I know that it wasn't exploding head syndrome because I wasn't even close to sleep as I had only just lied down. Anyway, thought I would share my theory with you and give you all a little update.
Ps. The op didn't work and I've had another op that didn't work either. So I am still dizzy every day with sound sensitivity issues too :(
Thanks for sharing.  I feel like I had the same issue that you had years ago, but it happened to me in March.  I haven't found a doctor yet to help me.  They just want to treat me for migraines because I have the symptoms of migraines since the burst happened.  They want to disregard the burst altogether.
I have recently had the same thing, I huge explosion in my head, extreme pain and a sensation like someone was pouring hot liquid over the back of my head. Obviously it was concerning and discussed with GP who advised hospital attendance to rule of subarachnoid haemorrhage, CT, MRI and Lumbar puncture later and they ruled this out and put it down to migraines. I have had constant headaches and migraines since the episode but I don't feel like that was what it was. Due to see a neurologist at some point so will see what comes of that.
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A year and a half ago I had a severe pop in my rear left side of my head while driving. I pulled over to the nearest exit and was in shock for about 20 minutes. I should of went to the hospital but didn't. Symptoms went away after a couple hours. Flash forward to 5 months ago I had a similar one but not as extreme and a warm fluid feeling afterward on same side of head. Today, I have neurological problems on right side of body including fasculations mainly in arms and fibromalgia or ALS like symptoms. I've had CT and MRI scans that came back normal recently. I wonder if what I experience today has something to do with those small bursts in my rear left side of my head?
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Hi Ctizzle
I had exactly same as you 2 years ago, and then got a whole host of other things... they say fibro... I say poppycock....something has been ailing me and turns out I have a parasite that they don't know much about so they say oh it's nothing!!! Yeah right, try telling that to my failing body. They don't even bother testing g for it. If you also have ibs type symptoms get tested for blastosistis homminis and D Corvallis but only have a fixed stool sample done a 3 day one. Hope you find your answers.
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I've had this for 30 years, every now and then. I am in excellent health and have chalked it up to one of those weird things that happens. I'll bet it's nothing.
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I have experienced such a sensation on right side of head. I became anxious with a panic attack measured bp to find it very high 196/100. Drove to ER while using yoga humming sound to calm down. Got to ER and the pressure went down. I admitted myself at ER and was told the sound was due to be and fluid movement close to the ear canal. As I am on medication for migraines -Divalproex I was given other medication to take care of a headache when it is occurring. Then I traced my activity and realized I had eaten fried chicken wings for lunch with no water or starch or carbohydrate, the salt in the food triggered the high bp. I have since balanced my food intake with little salt and water water. I do not experience the same so far but tickle sensations on the head and random twitching of the head skin. Weird. That was 2to3months ago.
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Omg the same thing happened to me, does it hurt and then you lay down for a bit and then it goes warm?
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I had the same thing happen to me about 6 months ago. I had just laid my head on my pillow when I felt a snap inside the left side of my head, accompanied by a super loud pop, again inside my head. I jumped and waited for another one, but it never came. The next day, I started having small bloody noses in only the left nostril. I still get them at least once a week, but happen to feel normal. My insurance ran out so I couldn't go to see my doctor and hoped for the best. I haven't felt anything shift in my body and will keep you all posted if anything changes.
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My 11 yr old son was wrestling with a friend. During a move the boy slammed my sons head down. My son said his neck was hurting & heard a pop. Back of his neck hurts a little when he looks down, lays down. That was 5 hours ago. Any advice.
See this is the problem with parents and with the internet these days... get the f**k off the computer and call your doctor! this is your child were talking about.. quit f-ing around! So you're basically saying that if someone tells you your son doesn't need to go to the doctor about something, that you're obviously concerned about you wouldn't take him??... would you really listen to someone you've never met, that's never even seen your child or would you go with your 'maternal instincts' that I really hope that are still inside there somewhere... Be smart! get off the internet! Quit putting your children's medical issues online, keep that between you your child, your family and their doctor. All that stuff can come back and bite him on the ***, you may not think it's a big deal now.. but it could affect everything in the future, in a very negative way... And all because of you. Be smarter parents... Get off the internet, stop working so much, stop going out all the time, stop shoving electronics and technology down their throats and send them outside to play, spend quality time with your children, teach them to be independent, sufficient, honest, loyal and hard-working human beings! And another really important thing..  Think about the things you say to hear children, emotional, verbal and mental abuse is real and it does more damage than anything physical. I'm not saying all of this applies to you because I don't know you personally but when I started writing you... the rant began about the parents of the recent past and current generations
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Any loss of consciousness? Maybe be best to consult a doctor to get labs done just to be safe.
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Hello Ctizzle,

I recently had the same experience as many other people on this post. I'm not seeing many answers. Your reply was one that caught my attention. "Today, I have neurological problems on right side of body including fasculations mainly in arms and fibromalgia or ALS like symptoms."

Any updates on this from you? A year and a half later?
HAD BRAIN MRI  just sent off for private blood tests LGG for encyphulitus and ect waiting to see results also antibody one will let you know i think it might be a stroke i had  i dont feel medicaiton or nicotine  this is bad
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In August 2015 I was sitting and felt a sudden "snap" or "pop" in the lower left back of my head, AND my vision spun to the left.  Scary!  Went to ER - CT ok.  Went to neurologist and had MRIs of brain and cervical spine.  Brain fine, some dessication in neck.  Neurologist said the neck issue was causing the muscles to tense/spasm, which was affecting the optic nerve.  Got an opinion today from a neck orthopaedist who said not possible.  In the meantime no  more popping sensations but dizzy.  Going to try to see a Johns Hopskin doctor who specializes in opthalmology AND neurology AND vestibular disorders (dizziness/balance.)  I also have migraines.  I also was being treated for Lyme disease at the time.  We'll see what happens.
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Well I experience this sometimes. Like once every few months. Not often or not rare though.  It feels like a bubble is popping in your head. It pops slowly, and it feels like lava is slowly oozing out of it. It will hurt for a bit after the pain goes away. Like 10 secs after. I don't know if it's the same thing you have but I've gone to doctors and they didn't think anything was wrong with me. Is this normal?
I had the same thing happen back in my early 20's, I'm 49 now. EXACTLY like you described. It was on top of my head, like a bubble popping then like blood flowing or liquid oozing from it. I had to check in the mirror and felt to see if I was bleeding. I haven't felt anything like it since. But I never felt any pain that I remember. I thought maybe it was a blood vessel.
This just happened to me and I'm 13 like I'm rlly scared. Like is this deadly?
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This happened to me last week I honestly thought I had died! I experienced a near death experience when it happened to me. I was laying down to go to bed and my head stating hurting really bad like someone was smashing it with a hammer it was so painful I was holding my head and yelling. Then all of a sudden I heard a giant explosion in my head and I saw a flash of white light then I was in another dimension it was blinding white light and I saw a figure of my dad who passed in 2005 from cancer he was on the other side. Then a giant owl came to me it was HUGE at least 12 feet tall. It stared at me for a while then I just passed out. I have no idea what had happened to me. Then just last night my ear on the left side popped. I had a recent MRI which shows scarring in my periatal and occitatal lobes I am also suffering from post concussion syndrome.
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I've just had a similar experience to some of the above posts. Night before last I was woken up/startled by a loud 'pop' in my head; also felt dizzy. A few minutes later when I lifted my head, everything was spinning. Okay now, but felt dizzy again this morning and the left side of my head and my face still feels hot. Hoping everything will be back to normal in a few days..
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What all symptoms did you have with the Arachnoid Granulations? Because I am having this very odd popping on the right side of my head (towards the back) It feels like there is fluids rushing through my brain and sometimes it burns. It has happened to me since I was a little girl and now I'm experiencing head aches more frequently. Also my ears do this weird crackling like your stepping on hundreds of leaves. Also is the Arachnoid Granulation something good for your brain to the point that I shouldn't worry or is it something that is bad for your brain?
I felt the same thing. I was at the gym using a lat pull down machine and felt a pop in the back right of my head followed by a warm rushing feeling. I had a ct scan done and found nothing. Dr didn't even want to try to figure it out even when I told him about the dizziness and near delirious feeling. When my blood pressure gets a little high I get these nasty migraines that take over. Have you had any luck with finding a solution?
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Hi, I get tension headache everyday and I feel it all over. It causes discomfort but I can deal with it and it usually can be managed. However, year ago I was laying down and decided to sit up and I felt a 2 pops in the back left side of my head. Its been bothering me ever since and lately its been effecting me even worse. Sometimes it feels like a numbness, sometimes it feels like pressure, sometimes it feels like a sharp pain. When I touch it I can feel a vain or nerve throbbing and it seems the worse the throbbing the worse the pain and the worse the effect. I have also been feeling light headed when it gets too bad. It has been effecting my tension headache causing them to be harder to come down. Sometimes my head will be fine except that spot which then triggers the tension headache. Please respond.  
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I have had this going on 8 months now. I'm so sorry to hear so many people are suffering with this same discomfort. I haven't had anxiety ever in my life until this started happening. I just keep telling myself I haven't died yet I probably won't. But sometimes are worse than others.  I have a constant pressure in the base of my skull/neck that hasn't gone away since May. I've adjusted to just live with this. The dizziness stopped after massage therapy and chiro care. However the random popping in and feeling as if a worm or something is squiggling behind my face and around my eyes nose and throat are harder to ignore. I have horrible night sweats, rushes of tingling up and down my body and numbness in my toes.no dr or neurologist has been able to help and all try to tell me it's anxiety/depression. MRI w/o contrast have been clean and now I'm having an full body MRI with contrast to see what it is that's wrong with me. It's such an awful quality of life to have and be forced to live with. Any help or feedback I'd love too
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Thank you so much for you posting your experience. Last night I was woken out if my sleep when the heard a pip and it felt like I got hit in the head. It was in the left side of my head. I've experienced the pop with the feeling of the warm sensation afterwards. This time it felt like I have got hit. I asked my boyfriend if he accidentally head budded me, and he said no. I took some asprins and shortly feel asleep. In the morning I woke up with a slight headache. I had no other symptoms. Everything seemed fine. I will make an appointment with my Doctor and will bring some of these diagnoses. Thanks again. Cathy
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I was a doing an abdominal workout at home and found myself straining as it was quiet difficult. During this workout I felt a small pain occur in the mid left side of my head. Not sure what it was or whether its serious. Could anyone help me out.
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Not sure if you still receive notice of comments here but your comments sound very similar to those of a CSF Leak (cerebral spinal fluid leak). Head pain/pressure, dizziness/vertigo similar to Menieres.  Some other CSF leak symptoms include stiff neck/shoulders and pulling pain, and vision issues. Many people who suffer CSF leaks also have been diagnosed with EDS, with a common finding of "thin or paper thin dura".
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