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I felt a pop in my head

Last night I had just laid down to go to sleep when I felt something pop in my head. It was so severe that I actually heard it as well as felt it. I laid there waiting for something serious to happen but the only after effect was a warm sensation travelling over my whole body. The pop was on the left side of my head near the top and back. The best way to describe it is like something burst in my brain. (although I'm sure that if it had then I wouldn't be sitting here typing this)
Today I can feel a burning sensation on the inside of my skull in the same place I felt the pop.
I have suffered with daily headaches for several years and have had 2 MRI scans in the last year, both of which came back ok
I have also recently been diagnosed with vestibular dysfunction, which has caused constant dizziness for the past 8 months.
The pop wasn't anywhere near my ear so I don't think the 2 are connected.
Has anyone ever experienced a similar pop before? And does anyone have any idea what this could be.

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Hi Ctizzle
I had exactly same as you 2 years ago, and then got a whole host of other things... they say fibro... I say poppycock....something has been ailing me and turns out I have a parasite that they don't know much about so they say oh it's nothing!!! Yeah right, try telling that to my failing body. They don't even bother testing g for it. If you also have ibs type symptoms get tested for blastosistis homminis and D Corvallis but only have a fixed stool sample done a 3 day one. Hope you find your answers.
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I've had this for 30 years, every now and then. I am in excellent health and have chalked it up to one of those weird things that happens. I'll bet it's nothing.
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I have experienced such a sensation on right side of head. I became anxious with a panic attack measured bp to find it very high 196/100. Drove to ER while using yoga humming sound to calm down. Got to ER and the pressure went down. I admitted myself at ER and was told the sound was due to be and fluid movement close to the ear canal. As I am on medication for migraines -Divalproex I was given other medication to take care of a headache when it is occurring. Then I traced my activity and realized I had eaten fried chicken wings for lunch with no water or starch or carbohydrate, the salt in the food triggered the high bp. I have since balanced my food intake with little salt and water water. I do not experience the same so far but tickle sensations on the head and random twitching of the head skin. Weird. That was 2to3months ago.
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Omg the same thing happened to me, does it hurt and then you lay down for a bit and then it goes warm?
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I had the same thing happen to me about 6 months ago. I had just laid my head on my pillow when I felt a snap inside the left side of my head, accompanied by a super loud pop, again inside my head. I jumped and waited for another one, but it never came. The next day, I started having small bloody noses in only the left nostril. I still get them at least once a week, but happen to feel normal. My insurance ran out so I couldn't go to see my doctor and hoped for the best. I haven't felt anything shift in my body and will keep you all posted if anything changes.
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My 11 yr old son was wrestling with a friend. During a move the boy slammed my sons head down. My son said his neck was hurting & heard a pop. Back of his neck hurts a little when he looks down, lays down. That was 5 hours ago. Any advice.
See this is the problem with parents and with the internet these days... get the f**k off the computer and call your doctor! this is your child were talking about.. quit f-ing around! So you're basically saying that if someone tells you your son doesn't need to go to the doctor about something, that you're obviously concerned about you wouldn't take him??... would you really listen to someone you've never met, that's never even seen your child or would you go with your 'maternal instincts' that I really hope that are still inside there somewhere... Be smart! get off the internet! Quit putting your children's medical issues online, keep that between you your child, your family and their doctor. All that stuff can come back and bite him on the ***, you may not think it's a big deal now.. but it could affect everything in the future, in a very negative way... And all because of you. Be smarter parents... Get off the internet, stop working so much, stop going out all the time, stop shoving electronics and technology down their throats and send them outside to play, spend quality time with your children, teach them to be independent, sufficient, honest, loyal and hard-working human beings! And another really important thing..  Think about the things you say to hear children, emotional, verbal and mental abuse is real and it does more damage than anything physical. I'm not saying all of this applies to you because I don't know you personally but when I started writing you... the rant began about the parents of the recent past and current generations
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