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I think I have lost the ability to feel emotion...


I had a major head injury in October of 2009.  I had a fractured skull located about an inch above my left temple and the fracture splintered.  This also caused a splat bleed in my brain as my neurologist called it.  The bleed stopped on its own so they didn't have to open me up at all.  

I spent 3 days in ICU and another 3 days in critical care.  I was on anti seizure meds as well as a med to help regulate my heart rate for about a month after discharging from the hospital.  

I had some short term memory loss of the event happening and the first two days in the hospital.  My question is this...

Is it possible that I have lost the ability to feel emotion?  Ever since the accident I don't feel any type of emotion besides anger.  I only experience anger when it's provoked upon me which has happened a few times since the accident.  I'm just looking for an answer to this question, if it is true will I ever get the ability to feel emotion back?
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Emotions are most likely to be interpreted in the amygdala part of the brain. Any damage to the hippocampus and amygdala could have impact on your emotions but since I can't know for sure what regions of your brain are involved the trauma could be physiological as well as psychological. On a positive note tho I do believe you will have your emotions back as long as your are not suffering from brain trauma  as I described above.

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I was just diagnosed with tbi from a fall i took as an infant. The dr explained to me that bc it happened so young I have never felt actual emotion. When you have a tbi parts of your brain are "asleep" or damaged. And chemical reactions become confused. I had no idea I had never felt emotion. Because my tbi was so early that it has taken a lifetime to discover this. For instance, I've had a few close people to me die, and felt nothing. Because the chemical reaction people have that signals grief doesn't happen in my head.Btw, new research came out. If your anti seizure mess are psycotropics, they will only worsen the condition. They used to be used to treat it. But they have found that it increases anger, impulsive behavior, irrational thinking.. Ect.
You should have reverted into a more primitive type of being. And have no ability to form addiction. That comes with lack if impulse control.
You should also have no sense of time or speed.
Cocaine, marijuana, and nicotine are all natural remedies.
They don't use it to treat it. They use some sort of ect. But one of the only things that cocaine and marijuana are really for, is tbi.
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They can turn on those areas of your brain with ect and you will feel emotion again.
I will be recording the treatments.
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