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Question about loss of consciousness.

3 weeks ago I fell with a bicycle and I have no memory of what happened. There were no eyewitnesses of the fall, so I don`t know if I lost consciousness. I had amnesia for several hours. My phone keeps audio recordings of every phone call, so the next day (in the hospital) I found out that after the incident (5-10 min) I have called a friend of mine, who transported me to the hospital. In the conversation I was asking him: What happened? I don`t remember anything, i don`t know where I am. So the million dollar question is: Can you experience amnesia of the incident just  few minutes/even seconds after it has happened or you will "forget about it" some time after it has happened? The thing is that I don`t know whether the memory loss of the incident is caused by LOC or instant amnesia. If amnesia of the incident occurs some time later, then I was almost certainly out for couple of minutes/seconds. Or if it occurs instantly then I might have been conscious all the time, but still don`t remember the fall (therefore thinking I was out, despite probably being conscious). Thanks in advance,
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