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Sensations in head and dizziness.

For a few months now i have been feelings these head sensations. It started out as just feelings. Almost like crawling sometimes. Or pressure. NOT HEADACHES. I went to my doctor. And she said it might be do to something going on with my ear. We fixed it. and she said you should only be worried if you start getting dizzy or vomiting or having vision issues. So... Eventually i noticed i was having some dizziness and numb hands. And feeling weird while trying to sleep. This was concerning so i had an MRI done. And i was told it came out normal. So i kind of just left it. A couple of months later. Ive noticed my symptoms are not as bad. i have not dealt with the numb hands much and the dizziness is not as severe. I'm confident in saying its not as bad as it was. But I am still finding that i have been dealing with the head symptoms and slight dizziness. I have considered going back to the doctor. Some of me is wondering if this is a glasses issue. I do overdo on the screen time. Straining my eyes at times. But does that explain the numb arms? I am confused. They told me thy didn't find anything and a brain tumor at my age is rare the doc told me. Anyone got a clue?
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Hi.  How are you doing since you posted this? Any updates?  I usually think numbness in hand is going to be due to a nerve issue like an impinged nerve.  I had this when I had a pinched nerve in my shoulder.  Tension can make this worse.  The dizziness . . . it's odd that started after the doctor said to look out for it. Do you think you could have any anxiety?  I have had inner ear issues and get vertigo when that acts up.  It comes and goes.  
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