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pop in the back of my head?

im 17 and 5 months ago i started having bad neck and shoulder pain due to sleeping weirdly. 2 months ago i moved my head back as my neck was feeling tight and i felt a pop in the back left side of my head. i immediately got dizzy and had a tingly feeling and blood rush through my head. the symptoms after that were pain/twitches in random nerves, nauseousness when i turned my head, weakness, tigtness in my chest and throat and a tingly feeling down my body when i laid down. A chiropractor helped with most of these. but 1 month ago i started feeling extreme facial pain and pressure in my eyes and sinus. i had a mri brain scan and everything was ok. but i thought it was a sinus infection and took antibiotics and the symptoms calmed down. as soon as i finished the antibiotics the symptoms came back. not as severe. i have recently been feeling a tightness in my chest again and facial pain around my jaw and temples. my eyes are also in a lot of pain, they burn, feel like they are going to pop out and also i feel a shock like pain in them. i also see flashes sometimes. i went to an eye doctor a month ago and he said i was fine. My neck/throat are also hurt and feel tense. when i press down on the back of my head on shoulders/back it feel like im pressing on a bruise. i went to my dentist as i had a tooth implant 6 months ago and he also said i was fine. can someone please help?
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