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tmj or tn again

anybody taking gabapentin for tmj i have 2 surgerys for tn  but i still have a bunch of pain and problams  pain in my face 24>7  i feel like i,m going crazy some doctors say is tmj but some say no is not in the main time i feel so depress but i my face is in constant pain my teeth my ear my neck my shoulder  my cheek is like i have something inside of my mouth i can,t sleep only if i take pills but i work sometimes i feel like if i pull my teeth i well fell much better i alwas have a piece of cotton in my ear i take a bunch of pill  a course  over the counter  to make it in my job i feel like i don,thave a life anymore i can really eat almost anything but only in my home because i can,t hopen my mouth wide enought to eat steak but i gain a lot of wight i feel so confuse is like doctors don,t really care  and the headches are so bad please  any information is going to bee really apreciation like i say sorry for my writing  god bless everybody
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thanks i already take all this vitamins  i take all my vitamins in the morning try not to  eat nothing is going to make the pain worse i try 3 chiropractrics they promise  me i well feel better  well nothing plus they take 1700 dollas well the last one my insurance dont pay what do you take for stress ?to keep working i take like 4 to 8 pain pills  i ,mean over the counter pills i used  a piece  of cotton in my ear  and i used pieces of something call salonpas in my face  thanks for awnser me back
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i have ATN and I efuse to take any of the medications i have seen the side effects at work with my mother in law. after a lot of research i have found that if you calm the nerves the pain lessens and allows the nerves a chance to heal. i take valerian forte at night this helps with my sleep and relaxes the nerves.
Magnesium is good for nerve health. i also take a complete vitamin B tablets and a stress/anxiety tablet in the morning and at lunch. again this keeps the nerves healthy.

my pain extends to the jaw hinge and behind the ear and to below the jaw. what i have helped here is i get a trigeminal massage routinely. you need to find someone who will massage your head jaw neck and shoulders for you. don't do a "relax" massage but use a remedialist.

i hope this helps. medication will be the last straw for me i have been able to resist fo 10 months now.

keep in touch.  :)
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