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Mensus changes and cramping after D and C

I never, ever, knew how serious having a "routine" D&C could be, and how much it could hinder or even take away a woman's fertility. I have been doing research and I never knew the extent of Asherman's Syndrome and one's fertility. It is actually the #1 undiagnosed reason for infertility in woman.   So many doctors are "unaware" or do not test for this (with sonohysterogram, Hysteroscopy)  or believe that having a d&c or trauma to the uterus will cause "any problems".
After having  a m/c last Aug, and previously having lighter than normal periods, and severe cramping, and  uterine lining that wasn't getting as thick as it should after my m/c, my RE decided do a hysteroscopy and found scaring in the fundus area of my uterus *this is where the embryo attaches*  the scarring was removed, but recently found out that 1 band has reformed.  I have to have another hysteroscopy on July 6th to remove the band.  I then have to do HRT, and am then praying with all of my heart the my husband and I will be able to concieve a precious child with the frozen embryo's we have remaining.

I am just trying to inlighten people please check with you Doctor if you have any of the above symptoms after a D and C.  I would hate to think of 1 person having to go through what I am going through.  

I pray that we all find peace with our miscarriages, and the strength to keep trying until we achieve the precious gift of a child.

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I'm so sorry you have gone thru so much. I have some questions for you if you don't mind. Can you explain a little more about the sympoms. You said you had lighter periods and severe cramping previous to a m/c. Had you had a D&C before that? How did you realize there was a problem, because of a mc? I had a D&C in May and will be TTC again after I get my first AF and I would like to know what to expect. Thank you so much for the heads up.
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I had a dnc years ago... back in my early 20's.  I spent my 20's and 30's trying not to get pregnant on the pill, and then started to ttc about 7 1/2 years ago.  When I went off the pill in my mid 30's, my periods were always light... only 1-2 tampons needed a day, that sort of thing, and severe cramps. I got pregnant last July on my first IVF(fet) attempted, when a thin uterus, and m/c's between 7-8 weeks.  After, my RE couldn't get my uterus to thicken... He then did the hysteroscopy and discovered moderate scarring in the fundus area of my uterus.  This is where the embryo attaches.  

I think the biggest signs are changes in your periods after your dnc.  Just pay attention to your body and if you suspect Anything has changed... inform your OBGYN/RE.  I sure things will be fine for you, but just be your own advocate!!!  

Please let me know how things progress for you... If I can save 1 person from what I have been through, I will feel like I have went through all of this for a reason.

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