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5 year journey

Hello, I am new to the forum, my husband and I have been TTC for  2 years before we got married, and then the nearly 3 years we have been married with no luck. I have just recently decided to try fertilaid after being naturally skeptical about it, I figured what could it hurt? I have been to the doctore a thousand times and had a thousand tests done..DH has yet to go for semen analysis although he said he thinks about it all the time, he hasn;t been able to bring himself to do it :-( ( he is VERY private & VERY shy about that type of thing)  Anyway..after reading so many success stories about fertilaid, I am hoping this is our month. No i am PRAYING this is our month. Anyone else try that supplement? I am on CD 14..i'm sad to say i'm not even sure i know what that means. :-(
Any input would be awesome
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Hi hun
Welcome to the forum! There are many many really nice ladies on here and we are all here for you. I even met a few friends on here that I now talk to almost daily! Well let me start by saying I completly understand where u coming from. My journey has been 6 years!! I told myself last month that I would sit this cycle out if last month didnt work but I had to try again cause I feel like I would be gicing up if I didnt. So if u are on cycle day 14 that would mean u should be close to ovulation...Cycle day 1 is considered the first day of your period then u continue to count the days and it doesnt start over until your next period. So are u using any ovulation predictors? Are your cycles normal? What is the Dr saying to u? I feel ya also about the hubby and the semen test it took me 3 years to convince him to get checked and he still hasnt gone back for another one although they advise him to check again!! its a man thing I guess. But anyways Im here if need to talk. Im sure I can prob answer lots of questions for you. I havent tried the fertile aid but you are right..what can it hurt? But God is a provider and all you have to do is stand on his promise you will get little Brooklyn...u might have a girl first but you will evenually get little Brooklyn LOL!! Hang in there
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good evening!

Just want to add that I totally understand what you;re going thru.  My Dh and I have been trying to conceive for 7 years now.  I have just decided to start full force again and with God's help and Him steering the wheel that is my life I will get there.

I actually just started doing research on fertilaid as well and am considering ordering it.  I have tried fertility blend in the past but to no avail.  So figured, trying all natural fertilaid can't hurt.

my dh has a son already but he does have male factor.  it took  him a while to come around in terms of testing but he wants to grow our family very much and has warmed up to the idea of getting whatever testing he needs to done to help facilitate things along.  I know we may need to do ivf but praying it happens naturally so we don;t need to.

wishing u the best of luck.  We are always here for you on this forum if you need a buddy.  take care

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