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Am I crazy? 4DPO Symptoms during TWW???

Hi!!! I am very new to this website as I feel these discussions have been helping me with my crazy ttc thoughts! My husband and I have been TTC #2 (have a 5 year old daughter) just 3 months now and maybe I am really going crazy because I am a nervous two week waiter!!! :/ Normally I 'feel' ovulation along with taking opk's to confirm - this month I did not 'feel' it and my opk's were positive for 6 days (weird) -we BD 2 days before +opk and then the first and second day of the +opk and a few days later. Since 4DPO my breasts have been very very tender and I had some mild cramping from 5 dpo to 8 dpo. Underware are pretty dry, creamy cm only when I check my CP, as indicated though my trying to concieve book. I have been very tired as to where it is becoming difficult to drag my butt out of bed and function during the day!! LOL :) And yesterday at 10DPO I had a very sharp tight pain really low on my left side in my pelvic region for about 10 minutes then it stoppped. Very gassy also for a few days now! I am wondering if anyone else has been experiencing these symptoms! Most of the posts I read on here are old and people never updated them with their results. I still have 7 days until my AF is due, so is this odd to have such tender sore breast pains since 4DPO and it's now 11DPO and they still are sore!! I am a POAS addict and have been testing sonce 7dpo with, of course, BFN's (I know too early)! Also with my cycle's being so long (32 days) I think I have to wait longer to test?......Not sure though.... :) Any suggestions!!
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I am somewhere around 7-10 dpo. I didn't temp or do opk's this month. But yesterday nd for a bit the previous night, I had really sharp pains that almost went in a circle from my back to my stomach. I still have the back pain though. Normally I don't have back pain this early (I'm a 32-33 day cycle)
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I am/was like you every symptom i had or felt i thought i had conceived, this was my month as i would put it.  And every month for the past 29 months i have had a negative test, my symptoms were nausea, bloating, increased temp, increased appetite, gassy, tired, weight gain, period/ovulation cramps etc and i have never had a BFP and all my partners and my fertility tests say we are fine with no problems it's just not happening.

My honest opinion is wait a few days after your missed AF before testing as believe me seeing a BFN every month starts to get you down and your relationship with your partner gradually begins to suffer.  I do hope you are pregnant, but buying so may tests is a waste of money and a waste of playing with your emotions every month.  I wish you all the best!!
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Thank You for the input, I thought I was going crazy! And, yes I do know I should not waste the money on them to take so frequently. Gradually as I get negatives every month (it's only been 3 months) I start loosening up a tiny bit. Next month I plan on only buying digital ovulation tests and no pregnancy tests (if I could help myself) until af arrives/doesn't arrive. What I failed to mention that since we have been ttc, I have taken a favor from a young girl I know to watch her infant baby girl She is 7 months now, i have been watching her since 3 months, which completely makes my baby envy worse! If I am not pregnant (af due next monday 11/23/09 I will keep trying harder to not obsess about it and buy much less tests so my emotions aren't hurt! Thank You Again!

Were your sharp pains quick (lasting a few minutes to 10 minutes) or are they still there? After I wrote my entry here yesterday I had a quick sharp cramp sensation on my Right side lasted about 11 minutes. Grrrr! So confusing! It's making me think AF is on her way earlier! Since you also have a 32 day cycle do you think we need to wait a little longer to take a pregnancy test? My cycles were 28 days for so long tht maybe 7 months ago they switched over to 32 since!

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The pain actually started Sunday night and lasted through Monday.  Sometimes they were sharp, but most of the time just dull aching. It was something new to me!  I'd wait until AF doesn't show. That way you won't waste the test!  I like to poas too much myself, but sometimes its hard to wait! I go from a 32-33 days. It just depends. I use a website that gives me all the prediction days, so it helps to give me an idea when AF will start, for me they say the 25th, but the last two months,  when I O'ed and started AF, they were off by a day, but still close!

i understand about baby envy. All of my friends have children. I am the only one who doesn't, so it can certainly take its toll here and there!

SSBD to you!!
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We will definitely have to keep each other posted! Our cycle's must be very very close. AF is due for me 11/23! I used the webmd calculator because I put in my last three AF dates and it'll give you a 5 day range. Thats when I make things just a little more romantic! LOL :) I know this sounds terrible, but I really don't mind spending the money on pregnancy tests it's the ovulation tests that run me alot of dough! Ha! I do a CM check daily along with checking CP and mark it all down, ovulation tests (and I normally got o' cramps, this month I didn't, I got cramps after), I am a charter! The only thing I didn't start yet is charting my temps, will start  soon to get an idea. I think I have three tests left in the bathroom (they are only $tree ones - I read somewhere that people say they stink but I am using them!) I'd rather not waste any tests, but in reality I'd rather waste cheaper ones than FRER ones....LOL I know take it easy and wait but thats easier said than done!

And Baby Dust in bulk to you ;)
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Hi guys i too am trying to conceive my first child.I am on 9 dpo and due AF 25 or 26th nov.I had an hsg to unblock my tubes on 9th nov and i ovulated 11th or 12th.You are meant to be more fertile in the 2/3 months after an hsg.my cycle is 26-28 days.so im with you guys but im not doing anything till i know for sure as ive had my hopes dashed too many times and its too much for me now so wish me luck.I am 40 and ive only got 1 tube but apart from that im fit and healthy.so sending you some extra special baby dust xxx
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Lots of baby dust to you! :) I actually got AF 2 days early this month. So weird because my breasts have been sore since 4dpo and they still are slightly sore and I am on day 4 of AF. Well my next O cycle is roughly the 2nd week of december and with the holidays I said to my DH that we will just wing it this cycle. The only things I asked him to do was "surprise" me in the morning, not in the evening after his hot showers! LOL Good Luck to all of us!!!
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