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So... I posted awhile back that I was sad because I had a BFN... but AF never did come... and to be honest my BBT chart never showed a temp shift. Yesterday, I woke up not feeling the greatest, but my temp was 1.5 degrees higher than it's been for the past 2 months since AF....today it dropped some, but it's still .8 degrees higher... so is this ovulation??? Thanks for any insight!
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do you have regular periods? have you taken a hpt?
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My periods aren't regular...and I'm on day 70 of my cycle. I have taken 2 hpts one on Feb 14 and one on March 1st. My temp has stayed very low until the past few days.... where it's been high.
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This may help you a little.. It helped me..

If you are on a 28 day cycle, your most fertile time CAN be 14 days after the first day of your last af....but if you are irregular that is not the case....the period of time from the first day of a woman's period and ovulation can vary greatly, it's the leutal phase(time from ovulation to menstruation) that doesn't vary as greatly....a woman usually always starts her period 10 to 16 days after ovulation. So if you have a 25 day cycle, you could ovulate anywhere from cd9 to cd 15.....if you have a 30 day cycle, you could ovulate anywhere from cd 14 to cd 20. If you have a 35 day cycle you could ovulate anywhere from cd19 to cd 25.....and this could vary from month to month, but it will usually be somewhere within that time frame...also, your body could go haywire one month and not ovulate til really late or ovulate really early...but then you should expect your period to either come really late(for late ovulation) or really early(for early ovulation) as that 10 to 16 day period doesn't change. I hope this makes sense! Much Baby Dust to you..
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The best way to tell is to use a OPK test. The temperature changes does lead me to believe that you ovulated.
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Yes, I believe you ovulated when you had a BBT change of 1.5 degrees then remained at around .8 degrees above your past temps. Keep charting for at least four more days to ensure the temps stay elevated (a sign that you've entered the luteal phase of you're cycle) and that it's not just a slight fever or other cause like alcohol or sleep disturbance.  If you're TTC, you may want to get your thyroid levels checked and your AMH levels checked. These can throw off ovulation and cycles in general.
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Thanks for the insights... AF finally decided to come visit the afternoon I posted this...so who knows. I don't drink alcohol...since I'm ttc but we did move to a different city on the 10th... and sleep disturbances are common. Hopefully we'll see a clear temp shift this month. =)

ps... I've had my thyroid levels checked...but what is AMH?
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AMH is anti-mullerian hormone which is tested to find out your ovarian reserves.  Depending on age, those reserves are depleted the older we get.  If there's not enough eggs, then ovulation occurs less frequently.  I believe the test can also indicate PCOS.  On to the next cycle and may this one be fruitful for you!!
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