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How long dooes it take to get pregnant ofter removal of Mirena?

This was my first time on Mirena, before I had my first child I was on the pill and I was off of it for 6 months before I tried to get pregnant and bam the first try I got pregnant.
My sencond child, no peroid I was still nursing the first then again the first time I tried to get pregnant I did.  It is now middle of October.  Mirena removed Sept 8th.  Still not pregnant :-(   I REALLY wanted a June baby.  My Dr. said that I could start trying right away so I thought that like before I would get pregnant on the first try.  I'm 34 years old.  Have my eggs expired?  Is mother nature to tell me something?
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im going through the same thing! i got pregnant without even trying before, now ive had mirena out since June, and still not pregnant
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I had mine out in April and still no BFP for me.  I don't think it is because of the iud though since I've been pretty regular in my cycles since about June.  Guess it's just not my time yet.
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I had mine removed back in March and no luck yet.  I went from having normal 5 day menstruation every 28 days to having none on Mirena.  Post mirena it went to 28-31 day cycles only lasting 3 days of extremely light bleeding (only pantyliner needed). Had my 2 kids prior to Mirena 22 months apart, my midwife called me fertile myrtle cause we werent even trying!  Got light bleeding yesterday 10 days before my period due...crossing my fingers that it's implantation and not my period.
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Hi. I am very new to this forum but I can relate to you and everyone that's responded to you. I was on the Mirena for 2 yrs. (inserted in 2008) I had it removed on 10/5/10 (day after the last day pf my period) b/c my husband and I a ready for #2. Like you my dr told me we could start trying right away. Since the removal I've had 2 periods. (11/2 and 11/27) my husband and I have been actively TTC since removal. I haven't taken a test yet. I'm waiting to see if AF comes on the 27th of this month. I must say i do feel things going on in my stomach. Maybe it's just in my head maybe not. Nut like you We're still TTC. Don't get discouraged...Good things come to those who wait. I'd rather get pregnant once my body is back to normal anyway. wouldn't you? It'll make the rest of the process smooth (IMO) hang in there. it'll happen. we can chat while we both TTC. LOL
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