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Introducing myself & anyone with HEDD of June 25th (ish), 2011??

I've been TTC since April 2010 when I had my IUD removed (I was bleeding all the time and found it was hitting my cyst whenever we had intercourse).  
Anyways, my name is Brandi and was on here last with my last pregnancy back in Feb. 2009.  I have 4 kids currently (DS, 6, Twin DD's,4, and Last DD, 20 months old.)  

After 3 months of TTC, DH told me he didn'tthink he wanted anymore, so we basically didn't BD at all the time I O'ed in August/Sept.  The day I actually O'ed on (Sept 3rd) he decided to get a Vasectomy.  I was very upset!!

About 3 weeks after his Vasectomy, we started BD'ing and he KNOWS the risk of me geting pregnant, because the doctor had a VERY hard time finding his Vas.  The doctor warned him he probably wasn't 100% "Fixed" because my husabnd was one of the toughest people he's ever done.  Plus the fact that sperm can still be in his system.  He goes back in the begining of November to have his sperm count done.  But I'll be testing within the next 4 days (9dpo).

I'm SO hopefully that it worked out for me this month!!  I actually O'ed 4 days later than normal this month, which scared me because I really didn't think I was going to O from stress.  

The test date is my DS's6th Birthday and was hoping to give him that as a Surprise (not the test, but the news) =)  

Good luck to all you ladies!!  I do have symptoms as of right now (for the past 3 days), but we'll see ;)

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Good luck...I'm hoping if you are that DH will be pleasently surprised!!
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