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Ladies advice ovulation!!?

I am now on CD 26 and still haven't ovulated, last month i ovulated i was on CD 24 and it's usually around CD 24. I use ovulation tests and i start using them on CD 6 it might be too early but i want to make sure i know when i ovulate. I test around 2-3 pm every day so it's at the same time.

How many days apart is each date every month when you ovulate?
I know it means i'll be late on my AF this time or won't get it at all. Advice please ladies.
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Hi Amanda, technically you are supposed to ovulate 14 days before your period. So that being said, it's very hard to determine when you will ovulate... until you already have! I would just recommend to keep using your OPKs to see when you will ovulate. If you don't, you may not get a period. But don't give up. If you keep trying and don't have any luck, see a doctor, they are here to help! SSBD!!!!
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I would also say that you may want to save yourself some test strips and cash by starting to test a little bit later. If you usually tend to ovulate that late then it's pointless to test as early as CD6.
Do you keep track of cervical mucous and stuff like that? Sometimes that can be a tell tale sign of when you are close to ovulation.
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