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Late period, negative HPT

Hello everyone!
My period is almost one week late. Yesterday (on the fifth day) I did a HPT and it was negative. My period was never late this much (I haven't had my period 36 days after the first day of my last cycle), so I decided to take a HPT. My cycles are always around 26/27 days. Sometimes, once or twice, up to 30, but never 36.
My question is: Is it possible to still be pregnant with one negative HPT? Is it maybe too early for the HPT or is it possible that the levels of HcG are low, so the test shows negative result? Also, I had a biopsy done two weeks ago and could my period be late because of that? I asked my gyno and he said that these two things are not connected, but maybe some of you had this kind of experience?
Thank you in advance!
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Thank you for your answer to my post!
As far as I know, chemical would show positive pregnancy test, and later it will turn out that you are not pregnant (that was very early misscariage). An ectopic can show positive pregnancy test, but also can show negative, so you can't be sure with that. I sure hope that is not an ectopic pregnancy! I talked to the nurse that works with my gyno, and she said to wait 10 days after missed period and after that to do a blood test. So, I decided to wait two weeks and to do it, so at the end of the week that is coming I will do a blood test. It's been 41 day since the first day of my last period and still nothing. I have some symptoms, but not the classic ones, but that depends from woman to woman... I had stressful period and I changed my diet, but I have done that previously and had stressful periods, but my period was late 4 days, never more than that. I will wait and do blood test and I will see then.
Thank you again!
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Hello, maybe  it was a chemical where it didn't take n therefore you are late. Just a thought. If you test again and you are pregnant it should show positive. I believe an ectopic would not show on an hot only in a blood test. And if was a chemical that can most likely be confirmed in a blood test as well. If nothing is found and your in good health it may just have been a delay of af bec of stress or something.

Sorry if not of much help.

I have heard some people speak of being weeks before they got a positive , but that is rare.

Good luck to you !  :)
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