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Hi everyone!!!  I hope you guys had a Merry Christmas.. I haven't been on here for almost a year.. we took a break. i recently went back to my doc who wants me to start leterzole my next cycle.. Has anyone had any succes!?!?!? whould love to har your stories... He saiys if this doesn't work we need to try injections...

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Hi all!. Im new here and hoping to get involved on the subject matter and happy to hear your thoughts please.

My dr prescribed me on clomid at first 2 months, 3rd month we tried gonadotrophin injection with clomid as well. Still my follicles are resistant. Now, i was advised to take Letrozole (Dracenax) for my 4th cycle and hopefully get a positive result! Anyone heard for the brand name Dracenax? Thank you!!
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I recently used letrozole 5mg day 3-7. got pregnant 1st round but had a misscarriage at 11 wks. my insurance did cover this medication and i have humana. i will try this cycle without the meds if not successful this round i will try a cycle of the letrozole in feb. good luck..
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Hi! Doctors will prescribe either clomid or letrozole to assist with ovulation. There's two main differences: it doesn't have anti-estrogenic side effects like clomid; and although studies have proven letrozole is an effective fertility drug it hasn't been approved by the FDA yet for fertility use, thus isn't covered by insurance (beware it's very expensive). Letrozole was developed to treat estrogen-sensitive breast cancers. Because it's not FDA approved for fertility use, doctors may limit it's use to 2-3 cycles. In my case I opted for clomid/iui because of the costs of letrozole. This last cycle I was successful with a combo of clomid/injectibles/iui. Hang in there and good luck!!
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