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Well Ladies Im Still Here

I havent gotten my BFP yet but im still working on it. Just 2 let y'all know I havent had a real period since June 20th, 2011 but thats because I was taking Fertibella and the 1st month I started using it which was June I got my period after 14days of taking it, but when I started taking month 2 I thought I O'd so of course no period I thought I was preggo, well as u can see it was an Annovulatory cycle so at the end of August all the way til about the 16th of Sept I was spotting. So now here's Oct. and I started using pre-seed at the beginning of the month and around the 6th of Oct I thought I had got a +opk well I guess that was a fluke because my temps doesnt confirm it so here I am and  still no cycle yet Ive been having some light spottin for about a week now but nothing as heavy as AF well except for yesterday I thought she was makin an appearance but 2day iots just a lil brown spotting and yes ive tested just in case it happened 2 be a +opk and of course BFN so who knows and before I forget I started taking Vitex abt 3days ago so I dont know if this could be causing some of the spotting which I really doubt since I had been spotting before I started taking it. Well ladies I just wanted 2 give an update of whats going on with me. SSBD!!!
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It will happen lots of bbd to you.
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Oohh man! That's a lot of spotting going on! I hope everything figures itself out and you end up getting a bfp!
I'm wondering if your positive opk was really a fluke though. Temps are really difficult to go by for many people I thought. I don't know for sure though, temping and all that seemed like too much work for me! LOL
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