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blood boiling

at night I wake up feeling like my blood is boiling.

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I am 79 F have ‘boiling blood’ every night..wakes me up..goes away if I walk around…I am on no meds so no problem there..my vit b12 was low..dr thought that might be it..6 weeks of a vit b12 supplement..no better. Dr doing blood tests…no one seems to know the answer.
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I have this and its driving me nuts.  Every single night I go to bed and I can feel it coming on, I have to stretch my fingers out as much as I can and if I keep my arms moving it sort of stops it, but I cant do that forever and as soon as I stop it comes back and its constant and its horrible.  I slipped a disc last December and this strted in January, my Doctor doesnt have a clue what it is, he just keeps saying it will go away soon ??  Im taking Tramadol for my slipped disc and this actually gets rid of the blood boiling problem but I need to come off the Tramadol but as soon as I lower my dosage the arm problem comes back, I cant sleep so I take the Tramadol again - its a viscious circle and its driving me insane.  Has anyone got an answer for this at all?  What the hell is it?
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my garndmother 65y
feels that hands are boiling alla the day specially at night
she cannt express it better
thats how she feels
like boiling
she is hypertensive on medicatons ,also takiing ca and many vitamins and analgesics
she went to the doctor many times  but she didnt impove
what to do??
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Sorry atthepark but I don't understand your post.

Do you mean you are angry? Do you mean you feel hot? Can you  provide us wioth more details?

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