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19 years old with chest pain. Could it be acid reflux?! PLEASE HELP!

I've had off and on chest pains since the age of 15, I am now 19. When I first got the chest pains, they occurred a couple of times but went away for a year. As each year went by, the chest pains became more frequent and occurred more often. This past year has been the worst. I would describe the chest pain as sharp and inconsistent. Pain typically lasts in 30 second intervals, will go away for a few seconds/minutes, then come back. The pain typically starts off in my back (middle of the back and near shoulder blades) and migrates to both sides of my jaw, my chest, my ribs, and my arms. Sometimes the pain is absent in my chest, and is just in my arms, back, and jaw alone. I've have had ECG, EKG, Heart monitor, and a chest x-ray and everything has came back normal...so they deemed my chest pain to be non cardiac. They haven't referred me to any other specialists and am waiting to hear what my primary doctor will do next. I DO NOT HAVE ANXIETY. I've never had a problem with depression, panic attacks, or anxiety issues. I am constantly experiencing some kind of pain or discomfort, even if its dull. The past 6 months have been the worse. I do have Graves Disease and Hashimoto Disease...I am currently in remission from this and have been for two months. My levels are stable and normal. They've ruled that those two conditions aren't causing chest pain.

Could these chest pains be caused by the Esophagus, like an Esophagus spasm or Acid Reflux? I've read that non-cardiac chest pain is usually caused by that. I don't experience heartburn. I sometimes burp up food, but not sure if that is caused by gas.
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Maybe its gas, do youj have something hot for breakfast in the morning? I would also suggust to you the use of HOT GINGER TEA, just add a little sugar if you want. I hope this helps
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Have you ever been checked out for Lyme Disease?  It imitates many other diseases, including neurologic and endocrine diseases.  Unexplained pain in the chest, ribs, shoulders, neck, and jaw are all on the symptom list for Lyme Disease.  A classic sign of Lyme is that strange symptoms come and go or wax and wane, and there doesn't seem to be a good explanation for it.

This document is intended for doctors, but it gives a great overview and a symptom list that might be useful for you to read to see if it fits.  

The ILADS website has a lot of educational information about Lyme.  Unfortunately, most doctors were taught that Lyme is just swollen knees, headaches, and positive blood tests.  Unfortunately, many people who are sick more than a year have multi-systemic symptoms and test negative.  Lyme is immunosuppressive and moves out of the blood into tissues, resulting in little bacteria left in the blood and few antibodies (often not enough to test positive). If you can't get answers, try going to a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor who is very familiar with the disease and knows how to make a clinical diagnosis.

Good luck!
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