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4 Months of Undiagnosed Condition - Any Leads?

A little over 4 months ago, I was awoken from sleep with chest pains in a localized spot in the center of my chest. This was shortly followed by tingling/numbness down my right arm and hand. Worried that it could be a mild heart attack, I promptly left for the ER. They performed an x-ray, clot test, ekg - all came back normal. The ER doctor believed my symptoms were likely caused by acid reflux/GERD. He gave me a GI cocktail and a prescription for omeprazole. He told me to follow up with a cardiologist just to be safe as well as a gastroenterologist.

Almost immediately after that visit, I began having these episodes during the night, where as I am about to fall asleep, I feel a rush or electric impulse that promptly wakes me up. This keeps reoccurring until my sleepiness completely goes away and I can't go to sleep for hours later. Then during the following day, I would have elevated blood pressure (usually 140/90) and pulse (hovering around 100bpm) - very new symptoms to me. As a result, the cardiologist, having found no heart problems (other than elevated cholesterol), prescribed a low dose of Bystolic (2.5mg per day) to alleviate the hypertension. This did seem to help. My blood pressure and pulse returned to normal.

Yet I then began having severe bloating/burping as well as abdominal pains and abdominal spams on the left side. I'd had a lot of bloating issues in the past, but it usually wouldn't cause discomfort. Now though it was accompanied with moderate pain and spasms, as well as occurring in my back on the left side. This strange fizziness in my throat began to hit me while I was in bed. The GI doctor performed an abdominal CT with contrast. Everything came back normal. She also had a H. Pylori test and test for Celiac. Both came back negative.

I now have had the sleep "rushes" return and my blood pressure has crept back up, while still being on this Bystolic. I recently was awoken with a fast, pounding pulse, and checked - 155/90. I've also now been getting neck pains in the back and front, that I don't think are nerve related, and not throat related.

What in the heck is wrong with me? I'd love to return to normal and do what it takes to get there. I'm a 31 year old male, 5'10", 170lb.
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Firstly, if you live in Bucktown, you are clearly nuts.  And aggressive and ambitious.  If you are 31 and don't smoke or take heavy drugs, and your  cardiac stress echo is OK, Chill.  You are nervous.  This may be something more than nerves.  Time will tell.  You are doing the right thing.   Watching.
Heart attacks I have seen are extremely painful (occlusive) and unlikely at your age, or hemorrhagic, and quickly deadly.  You are nowhere close.  Sounds like you have good docs and I would trust them.You may want to get some OTC gas relief pills instead of their scipts.   They seem in general to want to use 10 pound hammers when only a light tap is needed.  Watch for multiple sclerosis, particularly if you are a female.  It sometimes presents oddly.  Also, other autoimmune diseases, 'cause you are that age.   Like fibromyalgia.  
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Check for vitamin and mineral deficiencies with blood work.
Vitamin D, magnesium RBC, vitamin b12, potassium
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Your diet is culprit

Eat clean

Veggies chicken breast slices in huge salad eat morning noon night for a week

Yes you will be full

No sodas coffee etc

Drink this to detox
Glass pitcher fill with bottle water
Add lemon and cucumber slices
Ginger root sliced up remove the outside
Chopped up mint
Put in freezer 15 minutes slushy drink
You will drink whole thing it's that good

Vitamin E 500mg
Calcium 500mg
Magnesuim with vitamim d
Zinc any low dose
Be complex 500 mg

Take ferris iron too low dose once a week
Take all others once a day with food

Will help u a lot

Eat clean eat healthy

No more gas burping and pain
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See if you have  costochondritis, if you do ..a anti inflammatory will help it go away. You can also try fresh ginger  tea 3 times a day
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