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5 Months Of Panic/Anxiety/Something


I've been experiencing the following problems.

They have been happening along with lots of anxiety, stress etc. because I worry about these a lor and I'm not sure what it all means. Would help me feel better TO know.

I might have botched the description of some of this stuff but that is primarily because I don't understand the difference in most pain types (i.e. difference between what they like to call 'sharp' pain or 'dull' pain).

• Lower left side of chest pain during posture movements such as standing up or sitting down. Will also occur laying down. Does not radiate. Usually doesn't last very long unless I'm trying to lay down. Laying down causes the chest pain to be more felt in the back than it is in the chest, but the pain itself is basically the same.
• Occasional limb pain (arm, hand, ankle, feet pain) seemingly unassociated with the above. May or may not both occur at the same time.
• Occasional headaches or neck pain. Same logic here as above.
• Specific tingling lining the border directly below my left shoulder blade in my back. Almost always occurs during the chest pain but not too often by itself.
• Some postures feel fine while others are painful. Leaning over lots trades away all the above pain for slight middle back pain.
• I feel I have lots of gas and passing gas or burping almost always gets rid of the chest pain IF it's slight.
• Lots of not-so-painful but uncomfortable body shaking. This usually occurs when I'm cold (duh) but can really shake me up emotionally and mentally. Also it can relieve the pain on occasion.
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