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6 weeks of almost constant hunger. What could it be?

Male, 30 years old, generally healthy. Inactive lifestyle but pretty good eating habits.

About 6 weeks ago it started. I got more hungry all the time. Actually, I am almost constantly hungry except for 1-2 hours after a meal. Even when I'm eating I cannot seem to get 'satisfied' in my stomach and will even feel hunger 15 minutes after the meal. In conclusion, I am hungry almost all the time.
Some days it is a tad better, some a bit worse.

On top of it, I noticed that last days I also have some tenderness in my lower abdomen around the navel. (not on the right side luckily). And I need to push hard on there to feel it. It feels a bit like there is a lot of gas trapped in my intestines. Not sure that is the case, but that's how I would describe how it feels when I apply pressure.
May or not be related.

I have tried so far:
- A week of Nexium (Omeprazol / acid reducers)
- A week of Probitiocs to stimulate intestine flora
- Anti worm pills (but not enough to kill a tapeworm)
- Almost no more sugars, no breads and pasta's.
- More exercise.
- Lots of supplements: Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin D, Echinea, I drink chaomille tea twice, etc.

I also pee more often lately, but that might be because of all the stuff I take. Maybe not. I was on st John's wort for anxiety, but not tapering it off by going lower in dosage as i read it may mess with blood sugar levels.

The first thing that comes to mind (and Google) is diabetis or pre-diabetis. I ordered a blood glucose meter, it will arrive tomorrow so hopefully may rule that out. Can't imagine I would be diabetic at this point (no family history also) but these 2 symptoms are pointing towards it.

So my question to you is, what could it be? What are the options and what else can I try?
And for diabetic patients, what do your symptoms look like? How does the hunger work in diabetes? I get hungry now right after eating for instance. Is that the same for you? Or does it work differently?

Anyone else could shine some light on this?
Thank you very much. If all my self help fails, I'm afraid i will need to go to the doc :)

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*I have no medical training whatsoever*, but my insatiable hunger is always a side effect of medication - any time I take oral steroids, and also with certain antidepressants or antihistamines. I can relate to the feeling of thinking about what I'm going to eat next while I'm still eating, but never getting rid of that nagging "I haven't eaten all day!" feeling in the pit of my stomach. Just thought I'd share in case it's helpful, although I have no idea if medication side effects could be contributing to your problem.
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Hello~The first thought that came to my mind was diabetes or another type of blood sugar imbalance. Other symptoms would be extreme thirst, and weight loss even though you are eating lots. I would suggest seeing your doctor and asking for an A1C test, this is a blood test that lets the lab know what the sugars have been doing over the last three months, it is only one draw however. This is starting to be the way all doctors now check for diabetes or other blood sugar issues. When you get your machine, make a chart of all of your readings. Take the first in the morning (fasting) then before your meal, then, at one, two and possibly three hours after the meal. Do this for a few days and then take the info to your physician.
Hi SassyLassie,

Thanks for your reply.
I ordered a blood glucose meter and measured my blood now for the last three days. All measurements were exactly where they should be.

I can rule out diabetes or low blood sugar already I think. Even when I felt extremely hungry, my blood sugar was well within the correct limits.

I am now trying omeprazole and stomach acid tablets and that seems to help with it. I'm not sure if it is 'fixing' it though.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with the doctor to discuss this.

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