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8 Months of achy, sore, tingling, low energry, twitching & pain.

I've seen my family Dr, 2 neurologists, rheumatologist, physical therapist, infectious specialist, 2 chiros and have been tested for lyme twice, heavy metals, EMG, lumbar MRI, several blood works done.
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My Story
I'm a 37yr old male and haven't had any health issues up until 8 months ago. I had an active lifestyle of running, fishing, backpacking etc...
In August 1st 2015, I came back from vacation from Virginia beach and I decided to go for quick jog. I noticed I was unusually achy and sore after a quick 10 minute run. Over

the next 4 weeks... my legs were feeling achy, sore and tight; just walking 2 blocks to catch my bus was a struggle.  After 5-6 weeks of this I knew something was very wrong. I

went to family Dr to have bloodwork done (basic metabolic panel w/EGFR, ANA screen IFA w/RFL Titer afa).  Blood work came back fine. I started having a deep achy pain in my

left front thigh and then spreading to my left calf and lower back and then my other leg. During this time my energy levels were super low and going to work was a struggle.  I

then starting having muscle twitching in my legs in the evenings. The leg pain was worse in the evenings but it then was hurting during the day time too. I had my family Dr run

more blood work with a complete blood count and everything came back fine.  In September I went to a neurologist and they couldn't pinpoint anything. I then decided to have a

Lyme test done and i had 3 of 10 bands positive but the test came back negative overall. I decided to take 3 weeks of doxycycline just in case. In October my symptoms of achy,

sore, twitching and pain was at an all time high. It went into my shoulders and arms. My neurologist had me try gabapentin for the nerve pain but it didn't do anything for me.  

I then saw a rheumatologist and they ran more blood work and test it too came back fine. It felt like my nervous system was inflamed or something.  My b12 vitamin levels and D

were ok and I've taken every vitamin and mineral known to man just to rule out any vitamin deficiency. I work in an office environment but decided to get tested for heavy

metals and it to came back negative. My neurologist then had an EMG test to test my muscles/nerves and everything again came back fine. I then got a 2nd test for Lyme disease

and it came back negative again. Exercise or exerting myself seems to set me back a few days feeling worse. In November and December I struggled with anxiety which I never had

before. The anxiety is much better but 90% of my issues of feeling achy, sore, twitching, pain is in my lower back and legs. Its not a sharp or burning feeling but an deep achy

kind of pain with a little bit of sting.  I even had a MRI done of lower spine and it came back OK except for some mild bulging discs which I had 3 Doctors a tell me that they

were not the root cause of my symptoms. I've seen a different neurologist and even a physical therapist and they said that they do not know what the issue is.  They all said it

could be viral so I went to a infectious disease specialist and they didn't think it was viral. I never was sick during this time or even when this all started.  So now I'm

back to square one in trying to figure out what is going on.  My energy levels are a little better and my muscle twitches are little less frequent but everything else is still

the same and it has really affected my ability to do all the thinks I enjoy in life. I did get bite by some mosquitos on my vacation but I never was sick or anything. I do not

drink caffeine or take any medical drugs. I've thought of everything that could cause this and have come up short. I've also asked myself what has changed in my life and

couldn't think of anything. Does anyone have any ideas???
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You said you tested ok for Vitamin D and B12.

Was D3 above 50ng/mL and
B12 above 500?
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original blood work said D3 was 37/ml and b12 was 600.  I've loaded up on D3 still no difference. any other ideas???
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Hello, have they tested you for fibromyalgia? Sometimes it can mimic other issues.
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Rheumatologist check blood work and I didn't have the tender spots in that people with fibromyalgia have.  I don't have tender spots in shoulders or neck.  My lower back, hips, front and outer thigh, lower calves and quads hurt the most with a dull achy type of pain with a little bit of a sting.
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37ng/mL is still a little low

Are you taking magnesium. Muscles need it.
Also potassium rich foods/drink.

I drink coconut water and also Celtic grey salt. You need potassium and sodium to balance with magnesium. I take magnesium Makate and I just bought Threonate. I don't take Magnesium Taurate but I to take Taurine.

Magnesium Malate
This less well-known combination has been studied for use in fibromyalgia. Since malate is a substrate in the cellular energy cycle, it can help improve ATP production; there is some preliminary evidence that it may reduce muscle pain and tender points in fibromyalgia patients.

Magnesium Threonate
highly absorbable form of magnesium that can improve brain function. While this research is promising, more is needed to confirm its benefit. magnesium threonate, has the unique ability to permeate the brain and enhance the receptors that are involved in this process.

Magnesium Taurate
Both magnesium and the amino acid taurine share the ability to improve cardiac function; each has a potentiating effect on insulin sensitivity and also a calming effect on neuromuscular excitability. The actions of both have striking similarities when it comes to cardiovascular health. They both have blood pressure reducing effects, stabilize nerve cells, improve the contraction of the heart muscle and have an anti-thrombotic effect. Additionally, low levels of vitamin B6 have been shown to further deplete both magnesium and taurine.

*be cautious of high doses of B6. It can cause toxicity*

Magnesium Glycinate
Glycine is a well-known calming amino acid. This combination has good bioavailability and does not have a laxative effect since glycine is actively transported through the intestinal wall. Due to the calming and relaxing effect of both glycine and magnesium, this combination has been used successfully for chronic pain and muscle hyper tonicity.

Many people take it at night to help with sleep.
I'm not able to use this kind. I am adversely affected by the glycine amino acid.
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