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Abdominal pelvic pain over 2 years

I have been suffering with abdominal & pelvic pain for over 2 years, comes and goes and varies in intensities at least every few weeks, I have been admitted to hospital 3 times no diagnosis was once diagnosed as IBS however I never agreed it was my bowels or food related but now have been agreed it is definitly not.

I am female 23 years around 11 stones, fairly active, nursery nurse. I do not have periods due to being on deprovera contraceptive injection, periods were normal but quite heavy prior.

I have a range of symptoms, it seems to come in episodes, in a bad episode:
Extreme pain mainly from left side abdomen radiating down middle and low pelvic area but can also travel to back and all over stomach area.
Nausea sometimes sickness
Low appetite and full easy and I'm usually a good eater
Body aches joint aches & stiffness especially knees find it hard to climb stairs or bend for long as causes pain and feels like they lock, also crack and hurt on bending
Dizziness sometimes weak and collapse to floor - during severe pain I think the pain causes this
Mouth ulsers and cold sores- ive made this link as I always seem to have some just before or during a flare up
Bowels pretty normal, sometimes abit constipated or loose however not enough I would say to be IBS or maybe slight IBS alongside this problem
Shakey and panicy when in severe pain
Extremely tired sleeping a lot and don't feel refreshed afterwards.
Feels like muscles are weaker including urinating feel I have to force ect

I also have frequent urine infections, ear, throat ect
I feel unwell very often every cuple weeks flu like, colds, sickness ive always been like this
When Flare up I always have elevated CRP level they said meaning there's inflammation however it sure where

I have had my appendix removed as a possibility however it was fine on testing
I've had a colonoscopy fine
I have had numerous ultrasound scans fine

My latest flare up I'm suffering with now I collapsed was screaming crying and panting in agony looked as if in labour and heavy sweating, ambulance said my blood pressure was high.
Been on codine sulphate 30mg x2 paracetamol x2 and ibuprofen X1 (stronger one) every four hours since and now been on oramorth 10mg 1 x5ml every 6 hours for 2 weeks, been in pain for almost 3 weeks now, can hardly move on couch feel weak, pain and dizzy whenever I do move.
I started having a very watery discharge after few days, was slightly yellow green on wiping but very faint and then went a browny faint colour after few days so had an smear/examination by doc andI was red & inflammed inside and bleeding when she barely touched me with the swab so think we may have found problem area.

Awaiting pelvic ultrasound but not very hopeful of an answer as ice had a few in the past

It's making me very depressed crying nearly every night, frustrating and loosing money as I can't work so very stressful.

I'm really hoping I will get answers and diagnosis soon but was hoping anyone can relate as surly I can't be the only person ever to be like this and the docs calling me a mystery doesn't reassure me!


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Have you been tested for lupus or Multiple Schlerosis?
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it can be P.A.D. it a infection and the urtetus area and get it having sex. I had it and it is painfull so talk with the Dr.'s and the well help you out.
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