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Am I dying how serious is this? Burning knees really hot

My right kneecap started to randomly burn about 3 weeks ago and lasted for about two hours. It started to dwell slightly and was red and very hot to the touch. I went to bed an woke up it was fine now today it started again while driving the same as before but just hit and red no swelling. It lasted about 20 mins then stopped. About 30 mins after that my left knee started doing the same thing. It's very hott only on the outer part of my knee cap. It felt briefly as if it was slowly starting to burn going about 5 inches toward my left foot on the front inner part near my calf. I haven't done anything strenuous or injured my knees. Also it has been hard for me to urinate lately. There's a bad pain and I usually will have to sit on the toilet to make it easier for it to come out. I'm male by the way I don't know if this is connected but is there anything you can advise is wrong with me. I don't like going to hospitals I don't have insurance. Thanks you.
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I have to write a reply because I did a double take when I read your question. Am I dying? Surely you are not serious? You would have to be very seriously ill to be in danger of dying, and I think both your problems can be easily treated. Burning knees could be any one of a hundred (minor) diseases, and urinary tract infections that cause the urinary problems you describe are treatable with anti-antibiotics. In the rare event that you are suffering from something more serious, there is undoubtedly good treatment available, and I am quite certain that you are not close to dying of either of these complaints. With regard to paying for medical care, I understand the insurance situation, but am aware that ER departments in hospital must treat you regardless of your ability to pay. I am not saying that either of these things are emergencies, though, and I don't like to think of emergency rooms clogged with people with minor illnesses, so you might care to go to a local outpatient clinic where you would probably be charged less.

Good luck but please take a more positive outlook.
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If you are having great difficulty urinating, you need to be seen by a doctor and you must let them know about the urination issue.
The burning pain and the urination issues could be related to issues in your spine. The nerves coming off the spinal cord send signals to muscles and organs all over your body, including your bladder and bowels., and also to the sensation you feel along areas of your body. Stinging or burning is sometimes a sign of nerve compression in the spine.
See your doctor, sooner, rather than later.
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If you have a urination problem that painful you better get it looked at now. There are a few possibilities.
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