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I have been diagonosied with Anemia of a Chronic Disease.  The chronic disease being Diabetes.  I also have recently been diagnosed with Kidney disease.  My Hematocrit level is running about 35.  My Nephrologist informed me that with a big man like me (6' 225lbs)a Hematocrit that low will cause me to be tired and fatiqued all of the time.  I went to a Hematologist and he said that my Hematocrit level was not bad and I really shouldn't have any symptoms.  Who is right?  I am tired all of the time. The other day I went out in the morning for an hour or so.  Cambe back at 11:00am and had to rest and sleep till 4:00pm in the afternoon.  Then got up and got tired and weary again around 7pm.  These are typical symptoms for me.  Please advise.  Thank you very much.
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any of your problems individually could make u exhausted. i'm sure u realize low sugar can make u feel weak too... make sure u're constantly monitoring your blood sugar levels.

even though i'm less than half your size (5'3 and 98lbs) i can completely feel for u. i have pernicious anemia, which is like having diabetes and anemia combined (it's also an autoimmune disorder, and deadly if left untreated). i have to take regular injections for it just to maintain a normal level of blood in my body, and even treating it, sometimes i'll just feel exhausted. i'm so tiny because of it.

i'd say if u didn't feel tired, that would be something miraculously unusual. whichever problem is causing it won't make much of a difference. anything messing with your immune system will make the smallest or biggest person, and all in between, just as pooped. even just to catch a cold, people can feel drained because their body is putting so much effort and energy toward fighting the infection... imagine what's going on when u have kidney disease. your poor body has a lot to cope with. don't nit pick too much over details... just try to take it easy, and if u need a nap, take one. listen to your body first, then to the doctors.

i wish u all the best... but please be careful and take good care of yourself! be sure not to take on too much. rest can sometimes be the easiest and most effective treatment for any ailment.

God bless :)
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