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Anxiety at best, something terrible at worst.

Im 30 a year old male. For the past two years I have been having crazy symptoms, new ones coming along often. I have been worked up by emergency rooms only on several occasions.

The worst symptom, and the one I am having the hardest time dealing with, is a daily lightheadedness. It is not dizziness, because there is no false sense of movement, so not vertigo. Instead, I feel like I am in a huge mental fog. My vision is blurry I guess, though I would not describe it like that. It almost feels like I have no clear peripheral vision. Its not gone, its just not clear. My field of view is very narrow and pretty much limited to the exact point I am looking at. HOWEVER...sometimes it is extremely bad and comes with a general feeling of dysphoria, it almost feels like I am on the brink of psychosis because nothing seems real. It also feels like I could be passing out at any moment, and like I said, its so intense that I feel like screaming because I am going to pass out. Then a few hours later, it is back to where I dont even think about it, so there is definitely varying degrees.

Thats my main symptom. It feels worse after I am at work for about an hour, and then I have a pretty intense hour or so worth of it and then it starts to ease up. I feel best at night, until bed time. When I lay down for a little while, I start to get this strange feeling like a headrush and another different kind of "bad" feeling in my body. We have a fan in the bedroom, while Im laying there, sound will sporadically get louder for literally one second and then go back, kind of like my ears are popping but they arent, it is worse after activity right before I go to sleep, if you know what I mean.

I have a pain in my lower left neck, that switches between right below my left collarbone, and my thyroid area. I have had 2 ultrasounds and a CT scan in my neck and thyroid, both negative. This is a daily pain, and the muscle that comes down and connects your neck to you collarbone in the center is bigger on the left side and always seems to be tense.

I have sporadic tingling in my right calf and muscle spasms in my back. When I work out and I am push heavy weight, my facial muscles twitch and move uncontrollably.

I have lipomas, literally about 70 throughout my body, mainly on my forearms and chest, on the left top side of my ribs and now some on the right. I have about 5 quarter sized ones on my back.

I had a heart attack 6 years ago from coronary spasm, no blockages. Only time that has happened, kind of a freak thing.

About 6 months ago, I went through a week of random kidney failure. Biopsy came back clean, no reason was ever figured out.

Sitting at my computer the other day, then out of the blue, i lost hearing in my left ear, and had ringing in my right that gradually got louder. It lasted all of 2 seconds and then it stopped.

My memory is terrible the past couple of months, I have a hard time remembering words and names espically, though I have been taking Suboxone for about 7 months so it may be the reason.

My heart rate gets down to around 40 when I sleep, every time Im in the hospital, the machine wakes me up if I doze off because an alarm goes off.

Ok, now on to how I don't help the situation. I smoke, though I am down to 4 cigs a day. I am rarely thirsty, so my fluid intake consists of an energy drink twice a day and the occasional chugged bottle of water because I feel like it helps. I JUST started exersizing again, but before that I didn't do anything except for sit at the computer. I am trying to fix my self, but I cant help but think something deeper is wrong. Any advice?
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Wow...that's quite the "synopsis" of health issues you provided.  It appears that (your symptoms are quite suggestive of) you are having some anxiety type issues...it can occur while stressed or not fyi.  Also, however, some of what you are describing can also be related to thyroid issues..have you had any thyroid function labs done?  (TSH, FT4, T3, etc)  The thyroid gland controls so much in our body's its awesome.  Next up is YOU NEED TO INCREASE YOUR FLUID INTAKE (water, water, and more water)...our body's are about 65% fluid, if you are deficient (aka dehydrated) many of your symptoms can be felt as well.  At least six 8 ounce servings per day is required to maintain adequate fluid levels and function of your organs as they are designed. Especially while using any medication (Suboxone) because it needs to help break it down effectively, so whether you are thirsty or not...drink water.  What drug were you using to be on the Suboxone?  It's more likely than not, that the memory issue is related to a perpetual state of semi-dehydration, but it could be from the illicit drug use as well.  Have you had an MRI of your head/neck area done?  It's typically much better for diagnostics than a CT and I think that given the CT was negative, there maybe some nerve issue.  Lastly, use the energy drinks sparingly, maybe 1-2 per week as they are horrible for you.
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What I can tell you is that your first section sounds almost entirely like exhaustion. I used to have horrible exhaustion when I was younger, almost exactly like that. (I felt like I was walking around in a dream.) A lot of what you're experiencing means you need to stop everything and take a vacation - now. Get some sleep. Don't say you will and do stuff, but actually take your time off to get more sleep. If you suddenly get twelve hours, you'll probably feel like ****; take a week and steadily increase your sleep by an hour each night. That should help.
Secondly, I think it's the two energy drinks a day that are helping screw you up. Too much caffeine isn't good for you. If one isn't working, you need to quit it entirely for a while, get some rest, and avoid coming back to it for as long as possible.
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Your prognosis as a sufferer of a heart attack from coronary spasm is good
because of the absence of arterial damage. " kind of a freak thing" you said.

The random kidney failure (Acute renal failure) lasted a week.
The treatment by most likely fluid infusion (IV) with normal saline, is also
diagnostic in the absence of any abnormalities from the biopsy. " no reason was ever figured out" you said.

What is common in these 2 events, separated by 5.50 years?
Low blood volume/ hypovolemia ( likely due to low fluid intake in your case).
Look into Hypovolemic hyponatremia, which may explain many of your issues.
So not too mysterious nor a "freak" thing to my opinion.

Everything has a reason and an explanation and sometimes the answers are so obvious, we do not see them.

Low heart rate at night could be associated with a drop in blood glucose
Abnormal heart rhythms also are more likely to occur at night if blood sugar is low.   This is a scientific established finding.
-----Ref:Harvard Medical School News Review---
       " Night Hypoglycemia Linked to Slow Heart Rate"

My suggestions pertinent to your symptoms:
1. Proper hydration is essential for nerve function throughout the body.
Memory issues, mental fog, headaches are common symptoms because glucose delivery to the brain depends on adequate blood supply, which is
unfortunately low because of sub-optimal hydration.

2. Rule out low adrenal function (suspect because of likely ongoing biological stress caused by low hydration and your numerous symptoms.
Your night bradycardia (low heart rate) could also be attributed to low adrenal function. Secondary low thyroid function is a consequence of low adrenal function also, a bodily survival mechanism for adrenal recovery.
Note: Conventional Endocrinology does not recognize low adrenal function,
until about 90% of it is damaged, so best consult with a Functional Medicine
or Naturopathic Doctor for this
An Adrenal Stress Profile (saliva test) will help rule this in or out.

3. Discuss with your prescribing doctor, if suboxone is a contributing factor
in your memory issues.
BTW, what are you taking it for?  

I hope this helps-I believe I offered you enough ideas to consider, however,
please note that my comments & suggestions are not intended to replace medical advice.

Best wishes.

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Thanks guys, I sincerely appreciate the thorough replies. I am taking Suboxone because of a relapse with Oxycodone. I was an IV addict for a year and then was incarcerated for two (felt good, essentially no symptoms). Got out, had a year of good health and then one day sitting at the computer studying for exams I had a huge headrush feeling, went to the hospital, had an MRI that showed nothing but a tortuous artery and ever since then it has been coming and going. I slipped up about a year later because opiates helped with the depression that was a result of my downward spiralling health. I decided to try Suboxone, and while I am dependent, I don't worry about  finding a fix or doing illegal things to get it. I want off, I just don't know if I am ready psychologically. I had almost all these symptoms, besides memory loss and the night issues before Suboxone. I don't know if the subs make my heart rate low but I read it can.  
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