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Anyone else feel electric pulses sometimes?


Every so often I'll feel bursts of electric pulses. I feel them in my upper head, the tip of my tongue, my palms and the soles of my feet.

Standing up triggers them. Turning my neck from side to side, especially to the left, also triggers them. Often they just happen on their own, though.

Each pulse is a fraction of a second, but they come in bursts of three to five.

I can hear them, they sound like bursts of static, not too loud.

They're not painful, just distracting. My head feels like it's full of cotton when they happen. Too many when I'm trying to do something else is disorienting.

Only health conditions are allergies, mild autism and low energy. Blood work is normal.

Basically, it's not that bad, but there's a family history of neurological diseases (dad has BFS and his dad has MS) so I want to know in case it's a sign of something worse.

I keep hearing about Lhermitte's Sign. I used to take Prozac and I'm currently on Lexapro (no other meds), but it might've started before the Prozac. On the other hand, I didn't have any other Prozac withdrawl symptoms even though I went cold turkey, I don't feel it in my neck or spine, and it's not painful. Honestly, neither med did much for me (Strattera was useless too, in case it matters).

Does anyone think they know what's up with me?
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Neck problems can cause this, and I should know, my neck is a mess.  Both the Prozac and the Lexapro can cause this, with the Lexapro being more likely to do it but any drug affecting serotonin can do it.  I don't think this is peripheral neuropathy, that is constant nerve pain.  Could also happen if you snap your neck too quickly, as that's the center of your nervous system.  
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That sure sounds annoying! If you are going to associated to a med, I'd be more inclined to associate it with one you are currently taking.  I think we usually have neurological issues come to mind when someone mentions electrical pulse sensations.  I'm glad this isn't horrible but I"m sure it is bothersome.  Peripheral neuropathy can cause this but am not sure why you'd have that.  I have read that a vitamin deficiency could cause this?  How's your nutrition?  Any issues with your kidneys?  https://www.medicinenet.com/tingling_in_hands_and_feet/symptoms.htm  Nerve damage is known for that electric pulse sensation but the question is why would that be happening.  And also in your head.  This article is very interesting.  https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/325802  It discusses that pulse sensation on top of the scalp.  One of the things it talks about is how stress and anxiety can be at the heart of it.  Any way that is going on?  I'd schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss this situation.  
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