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Appendicitis, Gastroenteritis or something else?

I'm a 22-year-old male, with a history of stress-induced Irritable Bowel Syndrome and GERD (when I'm feeling psychologically well, they go away!), and moderately hypochondriac.

A long-time phobia of mine is, of course, appendicitis and the subsequent appendectomy that appears to be the necessary course of action in most such cases. I've been near-obsessing over this condition since I was 16 years old, in the sense that any intestinal-related symptom I ever experience, takes my mind to this condition first, before considering any less dramatic explanation (and despite my diagnosed IBS).

The symptoms that have worried me now started the day before (as I'm writing this, I'm on Day2 of the symptoms) and are:

-Moderate nausea without vomiting
-Upper abdominal bloating (stomach). I'm not sure whether it's my phobia and auto-suggestion or I really have this symptom, but I experience a 'fullness' sensation in the stomach that, however, can't say it has progressed to pain (maybe ever slightly so). It just feels swollen and a little achy,  reminding me of a moderate GERD attack.Ranitidine helps only a little, if at all.
-Moderate fever(?): it peaks 100.4 - 101.3 F (38-38.5 C) and a double paracetamol (2 tabs of 500mg) manage to fight it slowly, but it recurs after 4-5 hours all over again. However it rarely exceeds said figure.
-Diarrhoea (4 times since late evening/ early night, twice this morning) with really  foul smelling stool.
-Loss of appetite and food aversions in Day 1, but today I can eat a little without a problem.

I know that it can't be simply IBS or GERD, because these conditions aren't accompanied by fever ( I think, and given my experience). I also doubt it really is the appendix, because I don't have any severe or localized pain (as yet), but I'd like your opinion.

I'm REALLY PANICKY! I don't want it to be the condition I'm most afraid of.

Once last Christmas I went to the ER with similar symptoms (without the fever) for fear of having this, and they dismissed me (after blood tests, urine test and X-rays), luckily.

I know that by ruminating I'm making the symptoms worse and can't really tell if the pain is spontaneous or caused by anxiety.

I have a constant sense of tachychardia (mild), probably due to fever.

Additional info:

- There's a gastroenteritis virus going round these days (at least in  Athens,Greece, where I live).
- I ate a very spicy kebab-style fast food the night before the symptoms.
- I drink alcohol regularly, but mostly in moderate servings per session.
- I've recently been treated with cefuroxime axetil for an ENT problem ( a month ago, so I don't think it has to do anything with my current condition).
- I'm on Budesonide Nazal and Xyzal for seasonal allergy.

I'd appreciate it if you help me worry a little less about it!

Thank you in advance,

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Update 1:

My temperature has yet to rise above 98.6F -37C, and I'm taking a little better to food. I guess I'm recovering...
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