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Azithromycin- Any experience?

Hi there,

My partner and I both tested positive for Chlamydia, we were informed one of us brought it into the relationship from previous partners as we are both committed.

We were given 1g each of Azithromycin.

Apart from a slight case of diarrhea, I seem to be fine.

However my girlfriend is worried as shes having pimples/hives form and is also complaining of itchy skin.

I've informed her it could be an allergy. What I need to know is the following-

1) Is this common/normal?
2) Will it surpass?
3) Should she seek immediate medical attention?
4) She has showed me a photo, it seems like pimples in single form. One on her back and one on her leg.

I am worried as she is panicking.

Any advice?

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This is the normal treatment.  Allergies do not normally breakout as a couple of single pimples.  Stress can  cause this and if she got all emotional over this it can breakout this way.  There are also other things that can cause pimples, they are bacteria forming under a closed skin pore.  These need to be continually cleaned.  Open them up if a head forms but do not pinch bacteria downward.
So 1 is no
2 is yes, our body chemistry changes constantly and especially when we take medications.  It will swing back in a normal direction after other things dissipate.
3 I do not think she is in danger at this point.  She is obviously aware of changes in her body and she will notice anything new.
Be reassuring and calm her panic.

NOW HERE IS THE IMPORTANT PART you will not want to here.  It is best to get retested after 3 months to ensure you both are clean AND it is important that neither of you have sex until then if you want to get rid of this.  

Sounds like she may be having issues so if by chance her treatment does not take and she gives it right back to you then the process starts all over again and never ends until you both get treated and can be tested clean.
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