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Black out but not know when its coming on

I’m a 22 year female, I have been having these “blacking out” episodes. I am 100% fine one minute and it feels like I blink and I am confused and sweaty and realize it’s been a good length amount of time, about 15-30 minutes. And I cannot remember what happened in that length of time. I went the the emergency room the first time it happened and they did a head CT and EKG and said everything was fine. I thought maybe it was a “one in a million” kind of thing like a freak accident. But it has happened again. I’ve never had a head injury or anything. I tested my blood sugar after I came to, to see if that was it, and it was 96. So I am lost as to what happens. I stay in the same position, I was even holding my phone and never dropped it. I am confused for 5-10 minutes after it happens, like my brain is in a fog.
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Have you been tested for a seizure disorder? An EKG is an electrocardiogram, and would not rule out a seizure disorder. Neither would a CT scan.
I would suggest you see a neurologist. How often is this happening?
Are there any auras? Lights? Sounds before this happens?
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I saw a neurologist last week and he was also confused as to what it is. He said he had no idea. I don’t feel anything before, like I’m completely normal and never know anything is going to happen.
Did they do an EEG? It's a study of your brain waves and would rule in or out a seizure.
I would make a list of what occurs just before each episode, and how much time has passed , along with any other clues or strange occurrences/feelings before and after it happens.
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Are u sure it hasnt todo with anything concerning depression? Derealization disorder? Maladaptive daydreaming? Could it be something concerning your mental health?

Also · Brain fog can be a sign of a medical condition such as chronic fatigue syndrome, anaemia, depression, diabetes, hypothyroidism and autoimmune conditions

Goodluck with dealing and diagnosing whats causing this hun cos it can cause alot of frustation having problems and not knowing whats causing it
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I spoke with my therapist to see if it could be related to my PTSD or anxiety, and she thinks that it’s medical and not at all related to my mental health. Yes it is very frustrating especially since I cannot feel anything coming on, never know anything is going to happen.
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