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Body falling apart

    I'm an 18 year old girl living in Florida. For the last two years, I've been having painful stomach problems....I've tried various meds, gotten an ultrasound and been seen by a few doctors. But lately...its been worse.
I'm not much of a complainer....I have a very high pain tolerance...but lately, I've had to tell my parents how I'm feeling....their both nurses. My dad says its just stress....but I'm quite in tune with my body and know the difference...its not stress.
  I've been almost constantly nasueasted for the last few months....which grew from a sometimes a day thing...to an all day thing.
My insides feel like they're going to fall out....like extremely heavy.
Its a dull empty....horribly achey and sometimes a sharp pain...normally of a quick onset. It was first only in the lower belly....now it has radiated to my upper gastrointestinal tract and esoghigial area. (Sorry for my spelling, I'm writing this quicky.:)
I feel nasueated...and like the food hasn't gone down in my stomach. I had a fever a few times lately as well....but the pain gets so bad that I have to stay still, curled in a ball, sitting up, chest against knees...but that doesn't even help.
Sometimes I taste blood...which is kind of freaky...but I know I'm not bleeding...cause I'd be in shock by now :O
  My abdomen is distended....its not normally like this...and it feels like I'm swollen all over...like my insides are squished together. Its basically a feeling I could try to describe...but could never describe.
I've taken Tums, Pepto Bismol, my stomach meds...and everything I can get my hands on..but they don't seem to do the trick.

  I've been tested for gallbladder problems and liver issues...all negative. I feel like I'm looking through a globe....if anyone could help, I would appreciate it so much!
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From the Merck website:
"Ascites is the accumulation of protein-containing (ascitic) fluid in the abdominal cavity.

Many disorders can cause ascites, but cirrhosis is the most common.
If large amounts of fluid accumulate, the abdomen becomes very large, sometimes making people lose their appetite and feel short of breath.
Analysis of the fluid can help determine the cause.
Usually, bed rest, a low-salt diet, and diuretics help eliminate excess fluid.

Ascites tends to occur in long-standing (chronic) rather than in short-lived (acute) disorders. It occurs most commonly in cirrhosis (severe scarring of the liver), especially in cirrhosis caused by alcoholism or viral hepatitis. It may occur in other liver disorders, such as severe alcoholic hepatitis without cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis, and obstruction of the hepatic vein (Budd-Chiari syndrome). Ascites can also occur in disorders unrelated to the liver, such as cancer, heart failure, kidney failure, inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis), and tuberculosis affecting the lining of the abdominal cavity."
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Thanks guys for all the help! :)

   I'm on Nexxuim for the GERD, although it only helps in some instances...it takes away the burning though, which is really good.

    Hmm, I'm not sure...but I really want to find out whats wrong and see what it is! Lately its been a little better since I haven't been eating much but one meal a day.

  Fluid? What causes that? I could mention it to my doctor next time I go in for a medicine refill and see what she says. Maybe a endoscopy is just what I need....I just gotta learn to suck it up and quit freaking out over tubes and things!

   Thank again ya'll :)

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Do you think it's possible you might have the celiac sprue or abdominal ascites (excess fluid that gathers in the peritoneal region of your abdomen)?

They can give you medicine to calm your nerves for an endoscopy and can make you out of it for a colonoscopy.  Preparation can be uncomfortable, but with all the trouble you've had, you should really be willing to take a leap and if you know God, pray before you do that He will give you His peace. Please keep us posted.
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What you describe sounds very serious.  There could be many complications from having GERD.  You need to be taking Nexium or some other prescription for Acid Reflux.  Tums are not the right thing to be taking.  You could be having problems with your esophogus. Stay away from caffienated drinks and spicey foods.  Keep your diet bland until you find out. I would strongly suggest you have an endosccopy and colonoscopy.  My husband has Barrett's disease which is a precondition to esophogus cancer.  This can happen when the esophogus becomes eroded from acids hitting it for a long time.  You seem pretty young to have that, but it's important to have the tests done.  Good luck!
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   No I haven't actually....although they did say I had GERD.
I've had it suggested by my dad, but I chickened out...:P
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Have you had any GI studies (upper GI, colonoscopy, for example)?  Have you been tested for celiac sprue or celiac disease?  Do you think you might be retaining fluid (ascites) in your abdomen?
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