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Body odor !

Everywhere I go people complain of a urine smell. I've tried everything salad, increasing liquids, activated charcoal, seeing a urologist, nothing works. I shower daily, take good care of myself, and am very clean. Any suggestions for what this might be would be appreciated. It has ruined my life. My urine smells normal also my sweat has normal odor. what problem? it can fill whole room.
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What do they mean by urine? Do they mean “fresh” or is it their way of saying things like ammonia? Do you know?
Thanks for comment. i don't know i can't smell any bad odor on my body but when i'm at clasroom the whole classroom smell like old urine. sorry but sometimes like old man. nothing work for me. nothing  
Do you take any supplements? Are you dieting/not eating properly? I don’t think a urologist is the way to go, people associate the smell with pee but i think it’s more likely it’s something else. For example, blood sugar can change your body odor. I had a friend who didn’t eat properly but had a high metabolism, she smelled very very strongly of a body struggling with that which is kind of ammonia/sour very weird smell. Not too pleasant.

Old urine for me means ammonia, an ammonia smell which the body can release for several reasons. Maybe see a GP first and have some blood test done? And if you’re taking any fancy supplements try not to for a bit?
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